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How to fill your time during the half-time interval at a football match

Another half of football has passed, your team is winning but you’ve got 15 minutes to kill before the second half begins, what can you do to pass the time?

Another exciting half of football has passed, your team is winning 1-0 but you’ve now got 15 minutes to kill during the half-time break before the second period begins…what can you do to pass the time? Let’s take a look…..

Grab a snack

One of the most common ways to fill the interval is to visit the kiosks and grab a quick bite to eat or a drink to see you through the remainder of the game. There is nothing worse than feeling hungry or thirsty while you’re trying to concentrate on the match so make sure you keep your energy levels up. The majority of football stadiums these days, especially in the Premier League, have a wide variety of cooked food on offer such as fish and chips, pizza and hot dogs while you can also pick up a bag of sweets or chocolates to snack on during the second half. Fans can wash their food down with a soft drink, bottle of water or a coffee/tea while some grounds have license to sell alcohol at certain events.

Visit the toilet

Another vital ritual at a football match is to hit the toilet at half-time to relieve your bladder fresh for the second half. Many fans skip out a minute or two before the referee blows the half-time whistle to avoid the rush as queues can be substantial during the intervals as nobody wants to go to the toilet and miss the action while the game is on. There are far too many tales of people missing a key goal because they couldn’t wait until the break to go to the toilet!

Play games

If you’re not hungry and don’t need the toilet then an easy way to pass the time at the break is to play some games on your phone. Most of us have smart phones these days which have a variety of apps available such as angry birds or classics like tetris but you can also try the Fenetic Wellbeing Typing Game to hone your typing skills. It’s quick and easy to play and you’ll find out in just 60 seconds how fast you can type. Playing games will help alleviate the boredom of half-time and make those 15 minutes fly by.

Social media

What’s one of the most common sights inside a football ground at half-time? Everybody starring at their phone going through their social media profiles! Some might just be catching up on what their friends are up to on Facebook but many will be trolling through their Twitter timelines to see what other people made of the first half. It might not be the most social activity but it’s become an integral part of people’s lives these days.


Perhaps a more social way to get through the half-time interval is to put your phone in your pocket and talk through the events of the opening 45 minutes with your friends and fellow supporters. You can go through the key events and mull over any controversial decisions. Should the manager make a substitution or change formation? Was it really a penalty? How will the second half pan out? Now’s your chance to go through it all with those around you ahead of the second half.

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