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[VIDEO] The Wayne Rooney Elbow – Banned for Chelsea Game?

Wayne Rooney Wayne Rooney of Manchester United in action during the Barclays Premier League match between Wigan Athletic and Manchester United at the DW Stadium on February 26, 2011 in Wigan, England.

Sir Alex Ferguson had an amusing view of the Wayne Rooney incident against Wigan. [Watch at bottom] As a ball was played by Wigan, Rooney chased it, and on his way, McCarthy slightly edged into Rooney’s path. As the Manchester United striker ran passed, he raised his elbow and hit the Wigan player in the side off the head. Credit to McCarthy, he didn’t go down, rolling around in agony like some players would have done, but he held his head in genuine pain, as it did look as if the connection was harsh.

The referee, Mark Clattenburg – involved in quite a few controversial decisions involving United – gave a free-kick, although it was not entirely clear whether he actually saw the incident. If he had of seen it, I would think he would have been given at the very least a yellow card for raising an arm, or very possibly a red, and not just a talking to and a pat on the back.

Sir Alex Ferguson said after the game:

“I have had a chance to see it. There is nothing in it.

“But, what will happen, the question has been asked and because it is Wayne Rooney the press will raise a campaign to get him hung by Tuesday or electrocuted or something like that.

“It is unbelievable. Watch the press. It will be interesting to see it.”

It is a biased view, one that is trying to deflect the spotlight from Rooney, and onto the press, but to say that there was “nothing in it”, I have to admit is a bit questionable. The United assistant, Mike Phelan said on his Match of the Day interview, “we can’t dispute the referees decision”. But we can dispute what you just said Mike! Sir Alex isn’t always the biggest fan of referee’s decisions when they go against him, and regularly disputes their decisions.

The Wigan manager Roberto Martinez obviously had a conflicting view from Ferguson. He said:

“Once you give a free-kick it is quite clear that it is a red card. When you look at the replay, it is quite clear he catches James McCarthy in the face with his elbow.”

I am a United fan, and I am afraid I tend to agree with Martinez’s evaluation of the incident. Rooney didn’t need to raise his elbow – his running pattern showed that his elbows were down by his sides, and as he went past McCarthy, the elbow was raised in an unnatural position. Unfortunately, it is indefensible when you see it, and he may be in trouble.

After Ferguson stated only his side and Arsenal are in the title race, United travel to Stamford Bridge to try and extend their now four point lead over Arsenal. Arsenal will play in the Carling Cup final on Sunday, and so haven’t played this week-end meaning Wengers side will have a game in hand after the Chelsea – United game.

The question is, will Rooney be available for the game against Chelsea on Tuesday? Will he be punished by the FA? Could he be banned? I suppose it depends which way you look at it.

Tell me what you think!

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