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Arsenal vs Leyton Orient: Preview & Predicted Line-up

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If we get through this game fast, it shall help us in 2 ways. Firstly, some of our players will get rest. And secondly, our defense will be given a warm-up before the clash at the Camp Nou. Personally, I do not think this is going to be easy, and I feel that Orient are going to test us.


RVP, Cesc and Theo will all miss the clash against Orient. The rest are still out. God knows about Tommy-V.

Probable Line-up :

Subs : Szczesny, DJ, Kosher, Sagna, Song, Arshavin, Nasri

I don’t want to comment much about Orient. Our season has to go on from here. This is the first test for us since Sunday. Lets see if we can pass it.





  1. GunnerPete

    March 1, 2011 at 10:30 am

    What is sad about our club is that we lost a cup final because of crap defending…..AGAIN. Not because or forwards only scored once out of 21 attempts. Our weakness in this area is shown by your team guess too….is anyone out there confident when thinking about Squillaci, Eboue & Almunia in the back five? Do you think that Denilson will stand out as a potential match winner in front of them? Why , I ask, have we not brough back Lansbury, JET & Ramsey to play in this sort of game ? The answer is that Arsene’s flaw has been exposed again ie; rest or super stars, who then come back refreshed enough to break down with stupid injuries . The Orient players will have played on all season with injuries that our’ stars’ are layed up with for weeks. Arsene pampers…George Graham would not have….so we are the club with the biggest wimps in the EPL.

  2. GunnerPete

    March 1, 2011 at 10:36 am

    As for the usual Cup Final disaster and by that I mean that a large % of Gunners expected at least one cock up inthe match from our guys. I suppose we should be thankful that the Ref made another re; the ‘offside goal & subsequent red card’.
    The only sensible approach we should take to the disaster Sunday is for Gunners to expect the worst and to reduce our inflated opinion of our squad. I for one know that ,the tactics were wrong and for a manager of such experience and achievement..Arsene has shown poor judgement for several years now, but has no one around him to criticise or correct him.

    He has made a terrible mess of creating a sound defence that is essential for success in any league but crucial for the EPL. In the past 4/5 seasons our ability to hold a lead or to ceate a barrier that is hard to break like Chelski or ManU has been the only reason we have not won trophies. As Herbie Chapman proved and GG to a lesser extent, ‘dont concede and you dont lose’. Add to that if you have our front 6/7 you always score…!

    Ive lost count of the times we have all said ‘ another cock up gives a minow the lead or a draw or a victory after being outplayed! If these many, many, many clangers in defence do not hit AW like a bomb then nothing short of 20 foot high letters in the sky will. This smacks of red tinted specs to an extreme that is not good for the club.

    Remedy…..? Arsene has to told by the club that ‘we’ the fans demand a proper defensive coaching staff simialr to the style of George Graham , He had the defensive players working day & night until they knew exactly what each other would do in any situation….this is NOT what we have seen from AFC for over 5 seasons. Sad but true.

  3. Brett

    March 1, 2011 at 10:44 am

    Whine whine whine.

    This season our defence has shown weakness on a few occasions but for the most part has been solid. Same goes with our new number 1. This was proven in games such as Stoke and Barca and others. Even the best defences in the world mess up sometimes.

    Freak errors happen. I can recall Seaman being involved in some awful howlers in vital matches. It happens. Dust yourself off, learn from what you did wrong and start again.

    What does worry me is Clichy.
    He seems to struggle when it comes to holding an offside trap. It resulted in a goal playing Barca and could’ve cost us the game far sooner against Brum.

    Also I believe I read somewhere that Wenger will be starting Chezzers in the FA Cup. I wouldn’t be shocked if the same happens with Kos.

  4. James

    March 1, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    Your forgetting Ramsey is back! And will more than likely play from start or at least on bench

  5. yusuf

    March 1, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    mistakes happen… we must move on

    and were we not the team to go through the whole of january without conceding a goal in the pl? i think our defence has started becoming solid of recent now that we have formed a good CB partnership.

    the nerves just struck the inexperienced players on sunday unfortunately. was a shame to lose the cup, we have the quality to progress to the finals in the other cups and hopefully we will be able to taste some silverware this season; it’s just a matter of consistency, and as is always the case at our club, injuries might cause a few problems. but i can see a bright future ahead of us… if the players have a stronger winning spirit.

  6. p kemp

    March 1, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Don’t think Ramsey can play, some FA rule??? anyone else heard this??

  7. tuneric

    March 1, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    we can go on and say many things about the players that gave thier best in the carling cup final,even mr wenger himself gave his words saying ‘both players are destroyed’.to be very frank and truthful i praised mr wenger after the barca defeat without praising any individual player because he read the game and made proper changes though it was late but i didn’t consider that because we were playing a good and better side and mr wenger isn’t good at that so i was so surprised he got it.if wenger had done his work well we would have settled it by scoring like 4goals against barca(dont tell me you are laughing)go watch the game over and over,our mistake gave barca chances.they were very poor on the night,may be over confidence or they see arsenal as we all see it LEANERS!give the current crop of players to a more tactical manager,we would go places.back to the carling cup,if our best line up is Szczesny sagna dj kosher clichy
    song fab jack
    tw14 rvp nanas08 and we have the injured players out with players onthe bench watching while they play,i think it should be a direct swoop as in deni15 to do the work of jack and jack to move in for fab and song being told to do his primary duties without thinking he is the chairman of the midfield.then tw14 is not very consistent so any of rosicky,nanas or AA23 is ok.and talk of those trio none is a natural winger or a left winger as AW uses ’em so i believe they should be swaping wings in games(one of the deficiencies of mr wenger).with this changes,i bet you we are very can aswell argue on deni15’s abilty but playing him in that role’CM’ he doesn’t have to do much than what he does-intercepting:making simple passes&initiating move AW mistake no1 is selection.no2——could not read the game–no midfield was not in his position,making dj and kosh play as DM&CB(why won’t they make mistakes) and baby jack saw roscky was no where so he was trying to get to his position and the same time covering his side(jack of no trade)i know fans are bitter and we have diff views,im also very bitter.these could have been corrected by start of 2nd half score a goal or 2 and also lock up with that,we would have been smiling with acup mr wenger should blame nobody but we have 3 more to fihgt for,only solid tactics can win the CL @camp nou and FAC the EPL is the only possible trophy because other clubs like chelsea,liverpool etc can win it for us by defeating man united but be carefull man utd can just nick it by beating us @d emirates just because mr wenger is not just ready to play some games with dirty tactics for 3points and keeps playing players out of position when we need to be very serious and win a silverware.this is just an insight for a true gunner actually i have good write ups that are must read for AW.IF u have good contact where i can post them,please help.wenger needs to be very serious and win a trophy.i don’t think he’s feeling the heat because i know he is capable,he’s just being stubborn.i love him,i joined arsenal because of him and i also want him 4life at arsenal if possible.IN ARSENE I TRUST.but football is changing and he has to update himself.we have the players,we are matured and the spirit is there.

  8. geoffreid

    March 1, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    That is the worst team you have picked -denilson playing-samir on the bench–Orient will thrash this team–lansbury and jet should be playing and wiltshire our starman.

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