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By Fab4.

Arsenal’s Andrey Arshavin has been opening his mouth again in an interview with Russian newspaper Sport Express. Maybe he should take some of his own advice in the future and copy his famous celebration by keeping himself quite for once!

The  Russian winger often talks honestly with the media, something that is said to irritate manager Arsene Wenger. I can see why with his latest comments. Not only does he disclose that Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas told him in the summer he would stay 1 or 2 more seasons before joining Barcelona but he once again takes a shot at the managers tactics.

‘I remember when there were rumors of his departure last summer, he said half-jokingly, half seriously: “I’ll stay at least a year or two, I want to play with you.” We joke about this topic again now. But Cesc is a grown man and only he can decide.’

‘It is clear that putting me in the centre forward position makes life difficult. In particular, we are deprived of the option of playing long balls.

‘A big striker can receive a long ball, but for me it is vitually impossible against powerful defenders.

‘This gives the team fewer options, not only because of my size, but also because I don’t have the skills to play in this position.’

Why Arshavin gives the media this kind of ammunition is beyond me. Firstly, if Cesc did half-jokingly tell you he would stay for a season or two before leaving, keep it to yourself. Do you think Cesc is going to appreciate you telling the papers? They will have a field day with this stuff.

The papers will file your interview away until the summer when they will throw your quotes all over the place to back up the latest ‘Fabregas to Barca’ stories.

His openness in his interviews is annoying me and Arsene needs to have a word with him. It’s starting to feel like Arshavin knows exactly what he is doing and using the press to have digs at Arsene.

His continual objections about playing up front are understandable, but again, don’t say a word to the papers. They will create needless problems for Arsenal. If you feel that strongly about it, go talk to your boss! Not some bloody Russian newspaper that can be easily misinterpreted by the English media.

It’s time Andrey kept his mouth shut and got on with concentrating on his football. It may have escaped your notice but your not playing all that well this season mate! Even if you have been played out of position a lot of the time, you have still had plenty of opportunities on the left and failed to produce the kind of form we know you are capable of.

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