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7 Factors for Considering Artificial Turf for Children’s Football Pitch

If you are football lover and you want your child to play professional football then artificial turf is the obvious best optimal solution.

If you are football lover and you want your child to play professional football, but there is not any professional football pitch near your house, then artificial turf for children’s football pitch is the obvious best optimal solution.

We have seen a popular trend of artificial turf for children’s football pitch in the recent years. Now, many Americans and Europeans are installing a special fibre turf in their backyard.

Many research papers like European Journal of sport science passing the artificial turf showing that there is not any significant change of football sporting feature between natural grass and artificial turf. However, an artificial turf for children’s football pitch is a safer and better option for your children.

Let’s see major factors of an artificial turf, which make the fibre turf a better choice for your children’s football pitch.

Top benefits of artificial turf for children’s football pitch

1. Low maintenance

The foremost benefit which can be rated as an x-factor of artificial turf for children’s football pitch is its low maintenance requirement. An artificial turf for football pitch needs no regular grass cutting and watering. So, it is easy to be maintained in its original shape. Children can play 2-3 games per day and it can still maintain its shape and quality.

2. Cost effective

It does not require any regular maintenance, that’s why it is the cost effective. If you choose a fiber turf for children’s football pitch, it can serve your children over 5-10 years, maintaining its shape and quality.

3. Straight surface

The natural grass with soil can have the dumps in it due to some sliding tackles and players falling. Its shape can be easily disturbed after a single match. The artificial turf for children’s football pitch is perfect. It provides even surface everywhere. It is made of extremely soft fibers, they maintain their shape even after some sliding tackles.

4. Nontoxic

The natural grass installation requires the several antiseptic and fertilizers having toxic chemicals. Your child can be preyed of these toxic chemicals, but an artificial turf football pitch won’t have such toxic chemicals. So, it is relatively a safer option for your children. The CEH has confirmed that there are not led or any toxic hazards in an artificial turf.

5. Non-allergic

Your child won’t be in a direct contact with dirt in case of fibre turf. On the other hand, your pets may urinate the natural grass and it’s dirt may become allergic to your children.   

6. Drought resistant

A fiber turf won’t require several gallons of water per week for the maintenance. Hence, it is called a drought resistant and water saving option by the ACS.

7. Versatility

An artificial turf can be installed for football pitch on any surface and it is easily adjustable according to every season. It can maintain its shape and quality under the shade as well. The water and stains can easily be removed and it is easily restored to play again within a few hours, while natural grass takes 2-3 days after the rain because the soil absorbs the water.

These factors are enough to give preference to the artificial turf for your children’s football pitch.

However, this artificial pitch should be installed by an extremely professional company because it is as much important as having an artificial turf. Otherwise, you will face the same uneven grass problems as with the natural grass.

In China, Excellent turf are one of the most experienced turf makers, who have been providing best sports and recreation solution with FIFA Pro quality over the 12 years. They have several solutions for different conditions, but the SF-168 is the best optimal surface for your children, a product with 5 years of warranty. The best thing about them is they provide free turf solution for your specific needs. You can simply write them your specific turf needs and they will give you free solution.

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1 Comment

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