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Most Interesting Upcoming Premier League Matches

jordan henderson liverpool 2020

The restrictions have been lifted and matches are kicking off in earnest. The new Premier League begins on September 12th and while the usual Saturday 3pm kick-off is still very much used, games will be played at various times from Friday to Monday. Overall, there will be 380 matches in total and it’s important to note that the fixtures may be changed. Therefore, it’s recommended that you go through the fixtures page on the official Premier League website for the club-by-club fixtures. You can also find the Premier League fixtures and live scores here. So, what are the most interesting upcoming Premier League matches that you can look forward to?

  • The Kick-offs Games – Saturday 12, September Matches

Kicking off the season on Saturday 12 is the match between Fulham and Arsenal at 12:30. Are you a great fan of Fulham or Arsenal? You shouldn’t miss this game for anything. Of course, the Cottagers will no doubt have hopes for an improved form compared to the last game they placed. Following this match at 15:00 is the Crystal Palace versus Southampton match. Liverpool versus Leeds match follows at 17:30 and West Ham versus Newcastle at 20:00. All eyes will be on Liverpool as they’ll be starting the season against the recently-promoted Leeds team. It’s an action-packed Saturday for all game lovers across the world.

  • Sunday 13, September Matches

Following the Saturday matches, Sunday brings other event-packed matches featuring West Brom and Leicester, and Spurs and Everton. There are two matches to look forward to on this day but you can only expect the best of actions. These two games will be shown on Sky Sports.

  • Action-Packed Saturday: Saturday 19, September 

Although two games will be featured on Monday 14, September, we think you should look forward to the action-packed games coming up on Saturday 19, September. There’s no better way to make your Saturday exhilarating fun like watching the sports fixtures for the day. Starting off the game at 12:30 is the BT Sport with Everton versus West Brom. It doesn’t matter whether your team wins or not; you shouldn’t leave your seat until you complete the matches for the day. At 15:00, Leeds and Fulham will take the floor as they battle for leadership at the pitch.

Sky Sports on the other hand is set to open the day at 17:30 with Man Utd and Crystal Palace taking the stage. At 20:00, Arsenal and Wes Ham will go head to head in a battle of scores. It’s going to be an amazing weekend as you can watch your favourite fixtures back-to-back.


The 2020/2021 Premier League matches are expected to be dynamic with over 370 fixtures. The starting date is on September 12 and the last match for the season will be on May 23, 2021. As stated earlier, the fixtures are subject to change. Therefore, to keep up with the matches, you should check the official Premier League website for up-to-date fixtures.

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