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Premier League Betting Guide


The English Premier League is a popular football league worldwide. Its season runs from August to May, during which each team plays 19 home games and 19 away matches. Millions of soccer fans wager on the English Premier League, but some of them incur huge losses due to doing poor research on players and clubs. The following is a detailed Premier League betting guide that will help you win more bets.

1.      English Premier League Odds

Some of EPL’s betting odds differ with those of other football tournaments. The following are the most popular Premier League odds:

  • Top Goalscorer Odds: Some players in major football fixtures score more than one goal in a game. The Top Goalscorer is a popular EPL betting market. It is advisable to check the form of key players in a match to make an accurate prediction.
  • Odds for Individual Games: This option has three types of bets including Asian Handicap, Goals Total Over/Under, and Match Result. They have varying odds.
  • Title Odds: You can predict which team will win the title once the season ends. But, title odds change as the season progresses. Teams with a poor performance record have higher title odds than those at the top of the table.
  • Relegation Odds: Punters can place future bets on which teams will be relegated from the EPL. This betting option is available before and throughout the season.
  • Top 4 Odds: All clubs strive to finish the campaign being among the top four clubs. Some teams improve their performance as the season continues while others perform poorly. The top teams have higher top 4 odds than those at the bottom of the table.
  • Points Handicap Odds: Bookies give each club a points handicap. Clubs facing relegation often gave +40 points while those at the top have 0 points.

2.      Analysis and Research

Both experienced and amateur punters need to analyse and research the current form and past results of each Premier League club. Do not bet blindly on your favourite team. Instead, check its lineup and schedule to determine the winning probability of any team. Most of the Premier League games are normally played on weekends. So, you can analyse a particular match a few days before game day. You can follow betting tips from renowned tipsters.

3.      Premier League Relegation

The last three teams face relegation at the end of the campaign. They are usually relegated to The Championship the first and second clubs in the Championship replace them in the English Premier League.

4.      UEFA Champions League and Europa League Qualification

EPL teams that finish second and third compete in the UEFA Champions League while the fourth team qualifies for the Champions League qualification round. The fifth club competes in the Europa League the next season. At times, the sixth and seventh teams also compete in the Europa League.

5.      EPL Live Streaming

More than four billion people globally watch the English Premier League each season. BT Sport and Sky Sports won the broadcasting rights to air live Premier League matches. They televise 168 matches per season. England’s broadcasting laws prohibit sportsbooks from live streaming Premier League games to their clients. Soccer fans outside the United Kingdom can live stream the other 212 games using audio and visual streams.

The English Premier League is one of the most famous football leagues in Europe. The top four EPL clubs compete in the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. Many soccer players aspire to join top Premier League clubs. Most of these teams are sponsored by established bookies and companies such as Chevrolet and Yokohama.

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