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Three master tips to profit from betting


It’s always a good thing to try and improve your football betting strategy, whether you bet for fun or as a side income. You want to be making smart bets and giving yourself the best chance to make a long term profit, that’s why the majority of us make bets right – to win.

Understand Value

There seems to be a big misconception about what ‘value’ actually means. A lot of people seem to think anything at short odds isn’t good value and anything at good odds is good value.
Let’s take a quick look – Value means betting on something that you think has a better chance of happening than the odds available at a bookmaker suggest.

Simple example – You think Manchester United wins 50% of the time at home to Everton so they should be priced at 1/1. However, bookmakers have them priced at 2/1 which means the bookmakers think they have a 33% of winning. Based on your research and opinion you think Manchester United is a value bet.

Making value bets will make you become a long term successful football bettor.

Bet with your head

Everyone loves an underdog and a big price is tempting, but hoping that Aldershot will beat Manchester United in the FA Cup because it would be a great headline and “anything can happen” in football, doesn’t win football matches.
Players, class, and form generally decide who wins. Some people will say they don’t bet on their own football club, I say DO!

Whilst it is difficult to bet against the side that you have supported all your life, as long as you can bet with your head and not your heart, you are about as best placed as you can be to bet on a game involving your club. After all, you know so much more about them than your bookie.

Get the best odds

Make sure you get the best odds for your bets, don’t stick to just one bookmaker. There are plenty of good bookmakers around, and alike online casinos and their free spins daily, bookies offer free bets and other choices to get you playing with them. It’s important to get the best odds on your bets to maximize profit. If you’re not shopping around for the best odds then you’re missing out on easy profit.

It’s easy these days to keep your bankroll in an online wallet such as Skrill or PayPal and shop for the best odds so you can quickly and easily move money around different bookmakers to ensure you’re getting the best odds.

With betting there’s always a risk, never forget what you’re on to. It goes without saying that anything can happen in Football, the giant-killing can happen. A perfectly good goal can be disallowed; the best player for a team could get a red card for an innocuous challenge or penalty awarded despite a dive. Game-changing occurrences that you can not account for before a ball is kicked. Always ensure your betting is undertaken with discipline and understanding that you may not get your money back. But if you keep in sight what we just discussed above, there’s a whole lot of fun awaiting you and some great rewards for investing time and money.

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