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6 Practical Football Management Tips

Here we will discuss actionable tips to make you a competent football manager irrespective of the level of team you coach.


Perhaps you’re just starting in your football coaching career, or possibly you want to give it a try but want to learn the basics first. Maybe you want to sharpen your existing skills. Regardless, you’re in luck, as here we will discuss actionable tips to make you a competent football manager irrespective of the level of team you coach.

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Set Realistic Expectations Among Your Squad

An essential aspect of good football management is to manage expectations. It is critical that you get to know your players and their goals, and as manager, you give them the encouragement to reach and surpass them. Your team will perform better if every squad member knows each other’s standards and expectations.

Failure to do this leads to disillusionment, disagreements, and disappointments and negatively impacts team performances.

Get to Know Your Squad

Following up on expectations, it is important you get to know your squad. A big part of football management is helping each player to excel, and only through understanding their ambitions can you hope to that.

Furthermore, as a manager, you will need to support your squad. This involves learning about their life outside of the club. Without making the effort to talk to each player at every session, you cannot be an effective coach.

Praise and Criticism

Praise should be given in an even fashion, while criticism should only be given when warranted. You are not Mourinho, after all.

Ensure you give praise for actions off the pitch as well as on it, and remember, if you’re managing a team of youngsters, criticism may well end their dreams and love for the game. Use common sense.

Get Your Players to Use Their Grey Matter

Football is not just a game of fitness and skill, but the mind. Give your players problems to solve, such as defending when outnumbered or a set-piece and ask them to come up with solutions. This not only improves your players and your team but shows the squad their input is important.

Lead by Example

The fact is you are the leader of your team and have to set a good example to the rest of the squad. As such, be respectful to officials, the opposition, and everyone connected to the match. As such, choose your words with care and make sure your actions back up what you say. If you get this right, your players will reflect this on and off the pitch.

Prepare Tactical Changes Pre Match

The simple fact is that come match day, many players will find it hard to focus on instructions during the game. As such, it is vital that your players know their roles should the tactics change mid-game. Some players may struggle here, so it is important you work with the player to avoid frustration and to get the team playing as you would want.

This is just a snapshot of football management. Good luck with your next game.

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