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Top three Football betting strategies

Select one of the expert betting strategies that can be developed by analysing relevant statistics, which are given in this article.



Football is recognized by fans from nearly all over the world as one of the most popular sports. Essentially, football is practically the number one, and the remaining sports are more on the sidelines. Games from significant events such as the Premier League, the European Championships, the FIFA Confederations Cup, the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League continue to grow and attract many fans.

Sports betting is an industry that is worth hundreds of millions of pounds and can increase the interest even of the average sports fan. It is not enough to use the trends of recent matches as a basis for your bet, or to use gut instinct. Instead, select one of the expert betting strategies that can be developed by analysing relevant statistics, which are given below.

The basics for betting 

Develop strategies for betting. You have to start thinking differently from everybody else you know that makes bets to be a football betting expert. Often, none of your friends who are sports enthusiasts are professional, so if you do the same stuff as them, you probably don’t achieve better results.

Professional and ultimately successful sports enthusiasts will find trends in results, develop wagering strategies and test them against past profitable strategies.

Back and Lay Method 

This football betting strategy is all about minimizing risk and seeking value. A good eye and hooking bets are the keys to this strategy. Supporting a bet is basically what you do when you place a bet on a traditional website. If you bet West Ham to beat Grimsby Town, you support West Ham and win the result.

However, bettors also have the option to lay a bet – which is to bet against something happening. To explain a lay bet, let’s use ‘correct score’ as an example. One of the most challenging bets to win is to predict the exact scoreline of a football match. Of course, in a given match, there are numerous potential outcomes in terms of what the scoreline will be, so sometimes you can lay multiple scores simultaneously. 

The second strategy for the lay football betting method focuses on specific in-play games.

The Kelly Criterion method

Here we examine a trading strategy designed to benefit the financial world. Its transition to football betting is working seamlessly, and it is probably the best foundation for building a sustainable profit, as football trading strategies go. However, it will take some to get used to and manage bankrolls; this means that a few mathematical calculations must be mastered before they can be used. 

The starting point for Kelly Criterion is to find an event that you would like to bet on; let us call a match result bet straight forward. First, you will need two types of information: first, the bookmaker gives you the odds. The second one will take a little more effort; the actual likelihood needs to be established. The first mathematical calculation is based on these two elements, which displays the value of a bet.

You should not bet in the event if the value of the initial calculation is negative. If the value is positive, you can proceed with the second calculation, which dictates how much money you want to invest. Everybody will naturally have various bankrolls. Your response will thus be expressed as a percentage. It will allow you to calculate your 3rd and final amount of cash you have to stake.

Live and Halftime betting 

Live betting is among the most exciting ways to bet on football matches, also known as In-Play betting. Live betting has revolutionized conventional betting. Halftime betting is a popular form of in-play betting. This type of bet is more time-consuming than live betting, and this is an excellent alternative for those who love football one half at a time, according to sportsbook Bk8.

Live betting is an alternative where bettors can put money on football while the game is played. This betting option, however, is not available at every online sportsbook. Please select one of the leading sports betting sites, as almost all sports betting sites offer live wagers.

These top sites have a separate platform for live betting during football matches. During the play, the betting options will appear and then recede when there is a stop in play. With almost every kick of football, betting options, odds and lines change quickly.

The takeaway

Live betting allows the betters to be on the same page as the bookmakers. For instance, you are watching the same game as the bookmakers are watching. Other advantages include: 

  • Not locked in a single game bet
  • Can place additional bets on one game
  • Have more flexibility in wagering and placing
  • You may get better odds, lines and amounts during a game than before.
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