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5 Amazing Betting Strategies to Earn more Profit


Sports Betting is just like any other business where people invest their money. Only those who use the right strategy can achieve long-term profits. Although a strategy cannot guarantee a profit, it will definitely increase your chances of making a profit. But which betting strategy is the best? In this article, we will be taking a look at several proven betting strategies. We will present you with a comparison of the most proven strategies, tell you what to look out for in each strategy and what makes them stand out.

How to Recognize a Good Betting Strategy?

There is no silver bullet by which you can recognize a good sports betting strategy straight away. Rather, empirical values play a decisive role. Take a look at betting forums, where betting fans discuss their latest strategies and approaches. Inspiration is good but own experience is far better. Because every sports bettor thinks differently and is therefore not successful with every strategy. Try out a few different strategies over a longer period of time. Then you will have a feeling for what works well and what doesn’t and then you can specialize in a betting strategy.

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Top 5 Strategies to Earn More Profit on Sports Betting

Football is the top sport in sports betting. Millions of fans love to bet online on their favorite teams and players. Therefore, there are multiple strategies to win your bets. However, we will discuss our top five favorite betting strategies here.

Over/Under Goals Strategy

Probably the most popular strategy in soccer is the “Over/Under Goals” type. You bet on how many goals will be scored within a match. It doesn’t matter which of the two teams scores the goals, only the total number over 90 minutes matters.

Why is this betting strategy so popular? We know from our experience that there are always certain teams that play very offensively, others get extremely few goals against. Especially with such teams, a certain pattern can be seen from the statistics, which can support the decision for a tip. This is especially the case when two offensive or two defensive teams meet. In addition, there are various variants of the “over / under goals” bet. For example, you can bet on whether over 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 or even more goals will be scored in a match. This is quite interesting for live betting, when two offensive teams do not score at the beginning and the odds then skyrocket.

Handicap Betting Strategy

The handicap bet is also a very popular bet type among punters. Here, one of the two teams gets an advantage of a certain number of goals. The classic variant is the handicap -1 or handicap +1. If you play the first variant on victory, this means that your team must win with at least two goals ahead. On the other hand, with a +1, a draw is enough for your team, as they start the game with a one goal lead. Most sports betting sites have handicap bets with different goal numbers in the program.

There are two different strategies for handicap betting. The first is to assume that your team will win the handicap. This makes sense especially with clear favourites, who are in very good form and are competing against a weak opponent. Here, a victory with several goals is also realistic, so that a high handicap can also be taken into consideration.  However, the second approach can make sense too. Taking the handicap on the underdog is worthwhile if you give the underdog realistic chances. Because then, even a draw is enough to win your bet.

Tie Strategy

We rarely bet on the draw strategy. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t recommend it. Quite the opposite: you can generate very high profits with it, but you need a very good nose for it and of course some luck. This betting strategy consists of making a combination bet out of two to three draws. Keep in mind that the probability of a tie is low in comparison, which is why you should definitely not go for more games. There are certain teams that are more defensively oriented and often play for a draw in comparison. These are the ones you should be targeting.

The advantage of this betting strategy is that in many cases, you can get double-digit odds with just two games. That is why a small stake is sufficient. You should also stick to this, because a tie remains rather unlikely. Nevertheless, this betting strategy provides a lot of room for experimentation and, in the long run, one or two goals.

Bet on Late Goals Strategy

Betting on late goals should be preferred, especially in live betting. Everyone who regularly watches soccer in the Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A or any other league knows it: a team increases the pressure at the end of the game and a goal is literally in the air, as sports commentators like to call it. This is where betting on late goals comes in handy, which every good bookmaker has as a variant in their live betting portfolio. Especially when a favorite is behind or a team has given up after a high deficit, goals become likely with an increase in the duration of the game.

To maximize the winning potential with this betting strategy, we recommend you to watch the respective game live. So you can develop a better feeling for when and for whom a goal could fall. Betting on late goals is a lucrative option both as a live bet and in advance, which usually yields high odds.

Live Betting Strategy

One betting strategy that offers a particularly large number of possibilities is the live betting strategy. This has two reasons. Firstly, with live betting, you can react to the current development of a single game. This is especially useful if you have are watching the game live, which you can use to get your own impression. That way you get a better feeling for the game and can better guess which bets could be profitable.

On the other hand, the odds change a lot during live betting. A popular betting strategy is to bet on a favorite only when he is behind. Because then the odds increase and are thus more profitable. This strategy is useful when there is still enough time to play to make up for a deficit. But even shortly before the end, clear favourites are always able to turn a game around. At that point, the odds are particularly worthwhile.

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