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[VIDEO & PHOTO] The Best Thing Diaby Has EVER Done In An Arsenal Shirt

Abou Diaby is not exactly flavour of the month at the minute with many Arsenal fans, with most becoming increasingly frustrated with the lanky Frenchman’s habit of slowing down attacks, sloppy play and a distinct lack of effort shown at times. For all his potential, can anyone remember the last time he had great game? What are you’re memories of Diaby’s contribution over the last few years? I honestly can’t think of anything positive. And don’t tell me he’s been injured, i know he has but he’s still had enough playing time to make a positive impact somewhere along the way.

My two lastings memories of Diaby are his ridiculous own goal to gift Manchester United all three points at Old Trafford last season and the time he knocked John Terry out in the Carling Cup Final in 2008! I’m not JT’s biggest fan and looking at the photo and video does make me shudder slightly, but in all honesty there was probably only one man i would rather that happened to…..and that’s JT’s mate Cashley.

Here are some video’s of Diaby’s ‘best-bits’ in an Arsenal shirt:

Terry K.O

Diaby own-goal

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