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Most popular bookmakers 2022


Best bookmakers

The first progenitors of the first bookmakers appeared in the Roman Empire. A lot has changed since then, but the essence remains the same: people place bets on their favourite team or athlete and receive a win if successful. This straightforward principle is used by thousands of sports betting sites worldwide. Not all of them provide quality services, and there are a lot of scammers in this industry. Therefore, it is vital to cooperate only with trusted bookmakers with good reputations.

Tips for choosing a bookmaker

When choosing a bookmaker, many people pay attention exclusively to odds and bonuses, which can cause many problems. There are several essential aspects that you need to pay attention to:

    1. Region. At the moment, there are no bookmakers that can legally operate in all corners of the world, so before placing bets, you need to make sure that the platform you choose works in your area.
    2. Kind of sport. Most bookmakers strive to expand the list of sports and events as much as possible, but in practice, it turns out that the most attention is paid to football, basketball, hockey, and e-sports. If you are interested in other sports, you must choose a partner more carefully.
    3. Payment systems. Most bookmakers work with Visa, Mastercard, and Skrill, but if these payment systems do not suit you or you want to bet on cryptocurrency, you should consider this criterion when choosing.
    4. Availability of a mobile application. Practice shows that most users place bets on sports through a smartphone. Suppose the bookmaker has its mobile application. In that case, you can get information about winnings, statistics, and other data as quickly as possible and apply for winnings at any time and place convenient.
    5. Licensing. Cooperating with companies that work honestly and within the law is always better. That is why it is worth choosing a bookmaker that has a license. The country in which it received a work permit does not matter.

It is also essential to read reviews from users in advance. It should be done not on the official website of the bookmaker but independent sites. You can also seek an expert opinion.

Rating of the best bookmakers

Today there are many bookmakers, and each is fighting for your attention. Among the most popular are the following bookmakers.



  • 0% margin on main events;
  • Accepts cryptocurrencies;
  • Has a mobile application;
  • 24/7 support


  • Old fashioned site;
  • No welcome bonus;
  • May request a source of funds.

Many associate this bookmaker exclusively with the Asian market; however, this is not entirely true. It can also work in Europe and other countries around the world. It covers massive sporting events (about 40 thousand monthly).

In addition, it cooperates with the most popular payment systems, and the payment occurs as soon as possible (no more than a day). The minimum deposit here starts from just 1 euro. All this makes this bookmaker incredibly successful and wins the hearts of many sports fans.



  • One of the most famous bookmakers in the world;
  • The most popular betting platform in Canada;
  • Works with a vast variety of games


  • Low rating of a mobile application based on Android;
  • For regular customers, the maximum rates may be lowered.

It is one of the most famous bookmakers in the world. It’s no secret that this is a great success not only because it offers quality services (and it is) but also because of the successfully implemented advertising strategy. It was broadcast not only on many TV channels and information platforms but also on some sports stadiums and on T-shirts of famous football players.

It has an excellent customer support team available 24/7 and caters to customers in 12 languages.



  • More than 50 sports;
  • An available full and partial selection of money;
  • Curacao license (although some may consider this a disadvantage)
  • Minimum deposit from 1 dollar;
  • Good mobile applications.


  • Outdated site;
  • There are country restrictions;
  • Rigid KYC policy.

It is the largest bookmaker, where more than 60 thousand sports events are covered every month. It is trendy worldwide, but especially in the post-Soviet space. It also attracts users’ attention due to the incredibly high odds on almost any sporting event.

In addition, this bookmaker allows regular customers to place bets even if they do not have enough funds in their accounts. Finally, with the WiseOdds feature, players can create a bet slip and compete against other users. The highest win brings them the total prize pool.



  • Direct transaction;
  • Good mobile applications;
  • Helpdesk 24/7
  • More than 50 sports;
  • More than 20 types of payment.


  • 5% tax for players from Germany;
  • Slow withdrawal time;
  • Low maximum deposit;
  • There are limits on short bets.

It is one of the first giant online bookmakers in the world, which appeared in 1999. While this has several advantages and is hugely popular worldwide, there are a few downsides. So, the minimum deposit is $10, and the withdrawal period is up to 5 days. As for players from Germany, taking taxes is explained not so much by the position of the bookmaker itself but by the country’s legislation.



  • Curacao license (although some perceive this as a disadvantage)
  • Over 100 payment options
  • Supports cryptocurrencies;
  • There is a VIP program;
  • Available in multiple languages ​​and uses multiple currencies;
  • Good mobile application.


  • Old fashioned design;
  • No bid constructor;
  • No automatic withdrawal of funds;
  • The KYC process can be complex;
  • Slow payouts on weekends.

This bookmaker works with 50 sports and covers approximately 50,000 events monthly. It is not to say that it offers the highest odds across the board, but here they are pretty competitive.

Players actively use this for real-time betting. The conditions for this are the most favourable on the market.


Choosing a bookmaker is a complicated process, but if you follow the above recommendations, you will never fall into the hands of scammers. Of course, you cannot find a completely perfect bookmaker, but some platforms care about their users and offer favourable conditions for cooperation.

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