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Top Sport Leagues to Bet at Bitcoin Sports Betting

When it comes to sports betting with Bitcoin, there are a whole lot of options. To make your work easier, we’ve completed the research part on your behalf.

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Bitcoin sports betting refers to betting on sports events using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. If you’re looking to stake using cryptocurrency, Bitcoin sports betting is one of the most popular options.

When it comes to sports betting with Bitcoin, there are a whole lot of options. The options don’t only encompass the diverse number of sports available but also the different leagues in those sports. Since most of these leagues have varying odds, you may want to conduct extensive research before placing bets.

To make your work easier, we’ve completed the research part on your behalf. So, this article will cover the best sports leagues for crypto sports betting for the best winning opportunities. Firstly, here’s a brief look at Bitcoin sports betting and how it works. Then, I’ll show you the best sports leagues for crypto sports betting today.

What is Bitcoin Sports Betting?

Bitcoin sports betting is a form of online punting that allows staking on games using cryptocurrencies. It works similarly to regular sports betting, except for the deposit and payment method: crypto. For many reasons, sports betting in cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed.

For one thing, it conveniently bypasses geographical limitations, which is one of the biggest worries of sports punters. Also, cryptocurrencies allow for anonymous betting, which is crucial if you’ll be bypassing geographical restrictions when placing bets.

Quick deposits and withdrawals are another positive of crypto sports betting. Since cryptocurrencies don’t have to go through payment systems, you can quickly pay and receive payments. Also, did I mention that you get little or no transaction fees in the process?

crypto sports betting is the future, and it’s getting massively popular. If you’re jumping on the train, you should know the most profitable leagues to get returns on your bets.

Top Sports Leagues to Bet at Bitcoin Sports Betting

It’s possible to bet on any football league you want and stand a chance to win, but that’s not what you want. You want one that will give you a high prospect of winning while offering massive payouts. For that, here are the top sports leagues for crypto sports betting.

Major League Soccer (MLS)

The United States has started to improve its soccer league, and the efforts are slowly paying off. While it’s not the best league in the world, it contends seriously for the best at crypto sports betting.

Most Bitcoin sports betting sites will offer numerous betting markets on MLS. The odds are typically high, which is typical for a league under development. To avoid losing money on Major League Soccer, you should consider familiarizing yourself with it before staking.

The regular MLS season runs from April to November, and that’s when most of the games happen. By mid-November, the playoffs start, and they run until the final day of December. The MLS is a great option if you’re after an excellent sports league for Bitcoin betting.

UEFA Champions League (UCL)

The UCL is a great option if you prefer the idea of big and rare winnings to consistent but lower-winnings. Since the tournament is a showdown of the toughest teams, you should expect a lot of inconsistency. However, the inconsistency translates to better odds, which could mean more money.

The UCL consists of 32 teams in eight groups, all struggling to clinch the prestigious trophy. It’s easier to predict the games early in the season, but it gets more challenging as it progresses. The peculiarity of the league opens it up to more betting markets, which is a positive for crypto sports betting.

English Premier League (EPL)

While many punters see the EPL as hard to predict, it’s one of the easiest. Its insane popularity plus the predictability explains why it’s one of the top sports leagues for Bitcoin betting.

Speaking of predictability, it also depends on what betting markets you’re considering. You should be successful with over/under for most matches. Predicting the overall winner is more difficult but offers higher odds.

Bahrain Premier League

If you’re looking to try the over/under betting market, the Bahrain Premier League is your best bet. Around 80% of games in the league ended with less than 2.5 goals, which is a huge statistic. You can find out the low-scoring teams and bet on them using the available data.

One disadvantage of the Bahrain Premier League is its low popularity. If you’re sticking to Bitcoin sports betting, you may struggle to find bookmakers that offer the league. Even if they do, they may not have as many betting markets as you hoped.

German Bundesliga

For its predictability, the German Bundesliga could be the best option for accumulator bets. Unlike the Bahrain Premier League, it’s popular, being one of Europe’s top five leagues. In short, you have a much higher chance of winning in the Bundesliga than in most other leagues in Europe.

If you want to win consistently in the Bundesliga, you should bet on the match result and the over/under. The divide between good teams and weak ones makes the match result market attractive. Also, the high-scoring nature of the league makes it impossible to ignore the over/under games.

What to Consider When Choosing a Sports League to Bet

Before placing a bet, you should conduct some research to ensure you’re doing the right thing. One topic that requires research is the best league to bet on at Bitcoin sports betting sites. You generally want those offering higher odds and potential winnings to increase your chances.

One quality you should be on the lookout for is predictability. Predictable leagues are the most favorable to bettors since they make it easier for you to tell what’s coming. You can study statistics from the past few years to see if you can find a pattern.

No matter how predictable the market is, you want to make sure you bet on one with high odds. Higher odds mean more money, so why not?


Sports betting is one of the best betting categories if you choose the correct leagues. If you have no idea what leagues to bet on, this article has listed five options for you.

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