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3 Steps to Creating a Non-Cliche Essay on Sports

A lot of students find it quite challenging to create a truly engaging and non-cliché essay about sports. Find out more here…

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A lot of students find it quite challenging to create a truly engaging and non-cliché essay about sports. This is partly due to the straightforward nature of some sports and students’ inability to look at physical activities from a different, less prosaic angle. But just like any area of life, sport has lots of facets, which can be researched and creatively presented in a dedicated essay. And truth be told, if you take a closer look at any sport or game, you’ll realize that sports can be imbued with no less romance and lyricism than any poem or philosophical monologue.

So, if you were assigned an essay on a sport, don’t get upset from the get-go. After all, today, you can buy cheap essay on almost any topic and get the job done for you. But with a little extra effort, you’ll be able to craft a captivating piece of writing that will impress your readers and communicate your unique vision of a chosen sport.

Be Original

As with any essay topic, you should be careful not to sound trite and insipid when writing about sports. For this, you shouldn’t be afraid to depart from standard trajectories and narratives that can often be found in sports essays. Of course, you might be tempted to relate a fascinating story of your having successfully overcome an injury or tell your readers about your team’s grandiose victory during a game. But despite such stories’ emotional value, you’ll have a hard time surprising your readers if you choose such hackneyed topics.

To make your story stand out, try to share your thoughts and personal observations about sport in general or some particular game. Don’t allow your narrative to revolve around a specific event or experience. Instead, try to put the events you want to tell about in perspective and analyze them from your own point of view.

Be Specific

Instead of writing about sports in general and describing its manifold benefits, pick one moment and develop an engaging paragraph where you’ll invite your audience to join you in this moment. Be specific and explain to your readers what made you recall exactly this moment. Bring your reader to the gym in your high school where you were mastering new skills. Depict your team’s reveling after you scored a decisive goal using your signature evasive move. Initiate you readers in your thoughts and reflections. Be attentive to details. Describe colors, smells, and sounds to make your narrative more palpable and thus credible. Intense descriptions of your experiences, epiphany, or some traumatic events that might bear on your sports career will allow your readers to relate and connect with you.

Bring Value

It’s always important that you tell your audience about the life lessons you’ve learned and conclusions you’ve made after encountering a certain problem or situation. And this is exactly what you should strive for when writing an essay on sports.

Think about the major values or lessons that sports helped you embrace. At the same time, you shouldn’t strive to make sports your focal point; rather, it should serve as a robust background against which your personal transformation is taking place. Maybe, the uppercut of that seemingly frail guy made you reconsider your priorities and change your life completely? Or, maybe, that boy in a wheelchair with a ball in his hand encouraged you to volunteer as a football trainer in the local inclusive multi-sport camp?

Even if you’re writing an application essay for a college where you’re going to pursue a sports major career, don’t let sport dominate your writing. Rather than dwelling on your athletic achievements and how sports help you become a healthier person, tell your readers how sports helped to bring out the best in you. In other words, think of sport as a great venue for showcasing your unique qualities and values.

There are lots of frequently used topics you’ll want to discard right away to be able to relate a unique and captivating story. This requires a fair amount of creativity and mental effort, of course. Still, if sport isn’t just a means to an end but an integral part of your life, you’ll find a way to celebrate its benefits in your essay through the prism of personal experience.

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