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Sports-Themed Casino Games That Football Fans Might Want To Check Out

Here are six casino games you may want to check out as a sports fan including Football Champions Cup and Football Studio Lobby.


Athletes are like our modern day gladiators, they enter an arena to be witnessed by millions for their physical prowess. Still, the viewers are passive watchers of these great events, and if you’re looking for more interactivity with rules you’re familiar with, sports-themed casino games may bring more to your experience. So, here are six casino games you may want to check out as a sports fan.

Football: Champions Cup

Football: Champions Cup is an online slot featuring five reels and recreating the thrill of the World Cup. In this game, football fans can pick their favourite national team and try to finish first with the bonus rounds. If you win the final by collecting free spins, you can get rewarded by a cash prize, and there’s a bonus game where you can shoot penalties.

Basketball Star

Just because you enjoy football, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun playing basketball. So, if you’re looking to switch things up, you can give Basketball Star a shot. This five-reel online slot lets you enjoy the intensity of a game with symbols showing the most iconic basketball moves, and all you have to do is spin the reels and be lucky to win.

Hockey League

Hockey League is also a five-reel slot that perfectly recreates the mood of an iconic sport. Here, you’ll have a nice change of scenery with the bright lights, the crowd chanting and the sound of the puck thrown around. Hockey League features a wild that can substitute for any symbol and a bonus round with free spins.

Cricket Star

Cricket has fewer fans than aforementioned sports in the West, but it’s still a game worthy of your time. If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of Cricket, Cricket Star is an excellent introduction to the sport, with its five-reels and straightforward gameplay. You’ll find similarities with baseball, and thanks to its rolling reels feature, this slot can offer up to 243 ways to win.

Centre Court

Centre Court is the five-reel slot to try if you want to relive the intense exchanges of competitions like Wimbledon. This slot recreates the thrill of a tennis game and the symbols include tennis players, and match points, so if you know about tennis you’ll have a great time playing this one.

Football Studio Lobby

So far, we’ve only presented online slots, but there are also live casino games to enjoy, such as Lightning Roulette Live, or Football Studio Lobby, which offers you to play a unique card game inspired by football. In this game, you’ll find an environment that will remind you of football broadcasts with a live dealer speaking like he’s commenting a football match for more immersion.


As you’ve seen, sport can take many forms, and you don’t have to be passive any more, thanks to these engaging casino games. These games will allow you to have new experience with rules you’re familiar with, and so, it’s the perfect way to start your casino adventure as a sports fan.

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