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What’s all the buzz about dogecoin? Is it good for sports betting?

Dogecoin betting sites are now massively popping up in the world of web as DOGE keeps growing its value to become one of the most successful cryptocurrencies

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Dogecoin betting sites and dogecoin gambling platforms are now massively popping up in the world of web, as DOGE keeps growing its value, becoming one of the most successful cryptocurrencies to ever have been developed and launched after the introduction of bitcoin in 2009. It all started off as a joke – yes, this is right a joke- yet, now Dogecoin is parading at the top of the list of the most valuable cryptos. In 2021 alone, Dogecoin saw its value rise by 14.000%!

The hype of dogecoin betting is so strong that by now, one can find reliable, trusted and legitimate betting sites that accept dogecoin betting and other cryptocurrency gambling just as they accept betting with fia, traditional, government-issued currencies. This verifies that not only crypto betting is gradually becoming a full-fledged segment of sports betting, but also that dogecoin is taking up more and more space in the crypto gambling market, approximating other successful cryptos such as bitcoin and ethereum. 

Let’s see some key facts about Dogecoin. 

It all started in 2013 when Billy Markus, a software engineer at IBM and Jakcson Palmer, a software engineer at Adobe decided to develop a version of a crypto that would be more like a joke, on the basis of the Shiba Inu – a dog from the DOGE meme. But what started off as a joke or better a poke to the existing cryptos – and especially the bitcoin – and what took them only a few hours to create, has now surpassed everyone’s expectations and has turned into a valuable and successful crypto amongst the thousands of cryptos that are in the market right now. 

Dogecoin (DOGE) uses the blockchain technology, which is the fundamental basis for cryptos and in this way it adheres to the decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency system, known for the security, transparency and fairness that it entails. But Dogecoin is more than that – it positions itself as more than just another crypto currency. It is like a community of fun, interesting people who use cryptos in the most entertaining way!

While many analysts and crypto experts argue that Dogecoin’s infrastructure and underpinning technology are not as sophisticated as those of the top cryptos, the specific digital asset sees its stakes go up constantly in a rally that follows only an upward pathway.

Elon Musk’s role…

A large part of the success is owed to Elon Musk’s active and explicit support of Dogecoin. His now famous tweets about dogecoin being “the people’s crypto” as well as the fact that Tesla accepts payments to be made in dogecoin have not only helped the crypto towards its way to success, but have also skyrocketed its value. Last month’s tweet of Musk’s dog also pushed up the value of DOGE and it reportedly added nearly 500 million to the crypto’s market cap. 

With all that buzz around Dogecoin, more and more crypto users are turning to this digital asset to leverage its growing value. And with more and more crypto users turning to dogecoin, more and more betting sites and casinos are adding DOGE to their existing bitcoin and ethereum crypto payments acceptance. 

As of now, there are literally thousands of betting platforms that have embraced dogecoin amongst the methods of payments and there are also thousands of sites which are ready to accept your bets and wagers as crypto users. All the hype around Dogecoin is anticipated to last long, especially as the particular crypto keeps rising and rising and there is nothing that at the moment seems to be able to stop its runaway to the top. So, if you want to use cryptos for betting then dogecoin is probably a very good idea, considering that it is an asset that is trusted, reliable and it is also mainstreamed among sportsbooks and gambling sites. 

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