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The Weekly Roundup: Rooney ruining a nation of kids, Gazza abandoned by English football, MJ at Craven Cottage & more

A light-hearted look at the week’s event in the world of football

Lucas Leiva has battled his way through a horrid few of months at Anfield to now find himself wrapped in the warm clutches of the Liverpool faithful, no longer having his nationality questioned, and presented this week with a shiny new contract sealed with a kiss from Kenny (well sort of) So congratulation are definitely due! Rumour is however that one of the terms of his new deal is that he hosts weekly motivational seminars for the likes of Christian Poulsen, Kyrgiakos and Joe Cole…..  Week 1’s class ‘When you’re sh*t you really do walk alone’

Paul Merson this week released his book, ‘How not to be a professional footballer’ an autobiography filled with tales of a career made up of his alcohol, drugs and gambling addictions. In an interview with Talksport this week Merson said he’d lost approximately seven million pounds gambling and although he’s recovered he still has the odd flutter on a game or two. Apparently seven million wasn’t enough.

Someone apart from William Hill that would have benefitted from Merson’s money is his old mate Paul Gasgoine. As in the same week he was releasing his book Gazza found himself narrowly escaping bankruptcy, after accumulating a debt of over £30,000. Whilst Gazza may have somewhat got off this time you always feel as if his next misdemeanour is around the corner. Which leads to the question has English football not done enough for former England International? Yes he’s been the cause of his own downfalls, but surely after all he gave to English football he should have been looked after better post his playing days.

Balotelli sporting a darts board haircut

Phil the power Balotelli knowing full well that The Weekly Roundup returned this week made sure he maintained his weekly feature with another ‘Balotelli moment’ (yes that’s what we’re officially calling them now) As a means of entertaining himself he took to his balcony and aimed darts (yes darts- shiny pointy sharps) at youth team players, why? Because he was ‘bored’ of course, Classic! Next week on TWR find out what happens when Balotelli doesn’t fancy a trip to Anfield but Mancini has different ideas (it invovles a spatula, an avocado and some pretty tight places)

Football fans just don’t appreciate a good old statue of a ‘pop icon with no relation to their club planted outside their ground’ anymore, who would have thought it? Mohammed Al Fayed certainly didn’t, as he reacted angrily to the mixed reception the Fulham new MJ statue received, he said “Football fans love it. If some stupid fans don’t…… they can get on their f*cking bikes, pedal down the road to them blue boys and try and get themselves a ticket in that sh*thole” (well……. a slightly embellished quote)

Rooney’s Balotelli moment came at the expense of the millions of kids that witnessed his foul mouthed expletive, or at least that’s the card played by everyone who condemned the striker’s behaviour, ‘I was watching with my seven year old and what Wayne did was disgusting’ If Wayne’s partially responsible for your parenting, the poor kid doesn’t stand a chance!

& just because of a shortage of footage this week, TWR thought it would dig out a YouTube classic  *Must Watch*

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