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United’s Financial Position: Is Money Available For Transfers?

United have enjoyed another great season on the pitch and the Premiership Trophy looks to be the very least that the side will receive as a reward for their efforts in 2010-11. Off the pitch however, the prognosis for the future isn`t quite so encouraging after the Glazers announced record losses in March.

A loss of £109m seems an unbelievable figure and one that many outsiders feel is unsustainable. Unlike the previous season, United didn`t have the sizeable figure of £80m coming in from Cristiano Ronaldo`s transfer and there doesn`t look to be anyone in the squad capable of securing a similar fee. So what are the implications of those figures for Sir Alex Ferguson?

The main consideration with regards to personnel is the imminent retirement of Edwin van der Saar and Ferguson will be all too aware of the problems that he faced when Peter Schmeichel left the club over ten years ago. In an attempt to avoid of a repeat of those years when a revolving door policy saw several keepers come and go, Sir Alex and his scouts will have watched several goalkeepers this season.

If United are to buy a Pepe Reina, a David De Gea, a Maarten Stekelenburg or a Manuel Neuer then any one of those players will command a high transfer fee. A new keeper is simply a priority and funds will be needed for this and any other purchases that the club needs to make.

Sir Alex may be told that he has to sell before he can buy but with no funds coming for Van der Saar`s departure, some of the fringe outfield players will have to go. The most likely candidate seems to be Dimitar Berbatov which seems an incredible statement considering that the Bulgarian is set to finish the season as the Premiership`s leading scorer.

However, Berbatov is not first choice and is expected to return to the bench when Wayne Rooney comes back from suspension. As anyone knows, the Bulgarian is never happy when he isn`t involved and if Carlos Tevez overtakes him in the race for the Golden Boot while he sits on the bench then he could well be on his way.

Ferguson may feel that with Rooney and Hernandez and maybe Macheda coming back, he doesn`t need to replace Berbatov so any money coming in from that sale could fund Van der Saar`s replacement in goal.

Elsewhere, United are linked with a whole host of players including Gareth Bale and Charlie Adam but will the money be there to go after them? So far, there doesn`t seem to be any word from the Glazers as to what, if anything will be made available. Traditionally there are never any wholesale changes at Old Trafford and the success this season would suggest that this summer won`t be any different.

On the pitch, Manchester United continue to battle on three fronts and their progression in the Champions League and FA Cup would provide more funds that could be used for players if Sir Alex needs it. Will United go on to win the Premiership and secure a double or even a treble this season?

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  1. mancaholic

    April 14, 2011 at 11:02 am

    You’re taking what the tabloids say a little too seriously. The 100 odd million loss is made up of paper losses and exceptional items and did not affect that club at all which is reflected by the fact that the club’s cash reserves grew in the period to over 160mn pounds. If Paul Scholes is retiring then we can be rest assured that this midfielder that is supposed to give the team the shot in the arm that it needs will definitely come.

  2. Redman

    April 14, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    Can no one else see what is happening to this club? Fergie wants to take the 19 titles and be on his way. The team is peaking but at the same time it is clear to see that the days of man u buying the rios, the rooneys etc are gone? The glazers are using the fans money to buy the club, so in essence, everytime a fan buys a shirt, the glazers add the money to the mortgage payments. All while the fans keep filling the ground. Fools and their money??? You know the rest.

  3. ryan

    April 14, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    i dont think there will be whole sale changes as we say there will be option for left wing as nani and right wing is valencia will cleverly coming back along with welback that will provide back up along with macheda i dont think fergie will keep diouf he will be sold so is case with oberton he might get on loan spell prior to sale then no need to buy bale where will you fit him then other case midfield flair manu need to buy some one to replace scholes surely they will buy some big buy in that place so as in goal keeping postn there will be one cheap young central back might be bought as ferdinands prolong injury problems that settles all !!!!

  4. Redman

    April 14, 2011 at 11:28 pm


  5. mancaholic

    April 15, 2011 at 6:17 am

    We signed Berbatov not too long back and it can be argued that those who constantly clamour for signings of that ilk would also have been on his back until this season for not living up to the price tag. Spending as much as City do is no guarantee of success in a market where Andy Carroll goes for 35mn or Lescott goes for 26mn when Fergie can make signings like Hernandez and Smalling that are young and actually represent value. Regardless, considering the experience we’ll be losing over the next 2 seasons expect a lot of investment from Fergie to freshen things up.

  6. Redman

    April 16, 2011 at 2:21 am

    More hopeful nonsense.

  7. mancaholic

    April 18, 2011 at 6:28 am

    yea, what do I know? Apparently we’re doomed.

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