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How to make football betting profitable with Orbit Exchange and Brokerstorm

Football betting is the most popular sport in the online sportsbetting world, with roughly 40% of the overall money spent on sports wagered on football.


Football betting is the most popular sport in the online sportsbetting world, with roughly 40% of the overall money spent on sports wagered on football.

There is the recreational type of bettors who like to occasionally bet on their favorite sports for the sheer thrill, and there are those aiming for consistent profits out of it. Whether it be recreational or seasonal player, there is a common misconception among football bettors who underestimate the value of skill, time commitment and comprehensive grasping of betting strategies, usually and ultimately resulting in substantial financial losses.

Successful money making through football betting requires effort, knowledge and restrain. It is essential that every bettor aiming to enjoy their betting activities and earn money from it learn how to manage their bankroll effectively, how to be selective and qualitative about their betting options, how to use online betting platforms to their best interest, how to understand odds and compare them, as well as how to carefully observe games and analyze performances.

A highly beneficial way to be successful in football betting is to do it through betting exchanges, such as Orbit Exchange, combining it with reliable brokers like Brokerstorm.

How do Betting Exchanges work?

In betting exchanges the bettors have the opportunity to act as bookmakers themselves. How do  they can do that? Well, betting exchanges are not bookmakers; they offer the environment and the tools to players to bet against one another, offering their bets and accepting bets from others. Every bet needs two players who have opposing views on an event, one believing the event will happen and another to believe it will not. Together they form a matched “back” and “lay” bet. The betting exchange offers both parties the odds which they can modify if they will. For providing such service, the betting exchange charges a commission rate on all winning bets. The very fact that the betting exchange offers competitive odds that can be modified to be more beneficial is what makes betting exchanges an extremely fruitful environment for football betting.

One of the pioneering betting exchanges promoting the “peer-to-peer” betting model is Betfair. It was found in 2000 and ever since it has been the top player in the betting exchange field, offering the best sports markets, odds and liquidity. The problem with this exchange, though, is that it is not accessible by every bettor around the globe, due to geographical restrictions and international jurisdictional regulations. To fill this gap and help player have the Betfair experience indirectly, it allowed and supported other betting exchange platforms to emerge as Betfair “white labels” using the same software, sports markets, odds and liquidity as Betfair. These “powered by Betfair” betting exchanges do not offer direct access to the players. Instead, they partner with betting brokers to offer access, and handle the players’ accounts, their funding and withdrawing requests and the issues and their queries regarding everything they might need. Therefore, finding a reliable and trustworthy broker is crucial in order to have a secure and beneficial betting experience.

The most popular Betfair white label betting exchange is the Orbit Exchange betting platform and we will see how you can make the most out of it combining it with the Brokerstorm betting broker.

How does football betting work on Orbit Exchange?

Let’s see how peer-to-peer football betting works with an example.

A betting exchange bet requires a football event, a certain market, and two bettors to challenge each other with one wanting to back the bet and bet on the event to happen and the other to lay it betting on the same event not to happen.

The event of our example is the Premier League football match Arsenal vs Manchester United. The market is which player will score first. One player believes that Smith Rowe will score first. The Orbit Exchange offers for this market the odds of 7.1 for a 10 euro bet. The player feels that the odds could be 7.9. Clicking on the “back” blue column for this specific match and type of bet, the betslip opens and the player can modify the odds to 7.9, place the 10 euros stake and confirm the bet. Now the player needs to wait for another player to accepts this bet challenge. Somewhere else in the globe another player using the Orbit Exchange platform sees this offers and accepts this challenge, because they believe Smith Rowe will not be the first player to open the game score. Clicking on the “lay” pink column for this specific match and type of bet, the betslip opens and the player needs to place the stake. He can fully accept the challenge and place a 10 euros stake or he can partially accept it and place a lesser stake. Whichever the amount, the player accepting the bet challenge now acts as a bookmaker, therefore they are subjected to a six times their stake liability, which means that if they lose the bet, they are the ones that have to payout 79 euros to the “backer”. Therefore they need to entrust the Orbit Exchange with 79 euros in order to cover the bet. Therefore they need to have at least 79 euros in their account balance in order to be able to place this specific 10 euro bet.

This is pretty much the idea.

The Orbit Exchange covers almost all global football leagues and all major events and tournaments. The markets offered are not as many as those offered by the traditional bookmakers, but there is a wide array of football markets for every type of bettor to choose from. Whenever Orbit Exchange players want to navigate a football or any other sports market, they will see a blue box on the left and a pink box on the right, representing the back and lay odds available respectively. In smaller text the back liquidity and the lay liquidity are displayed, which means the players can see the total amount of money wagered for either the back option or the lay one. Orbit Exchange, being powered by Betfair, ensures critical mass liquidity for even lesser football events and markets.

Betting exchanges react quicker to on-field events and team news; therefore the players need to have fast reflexes when it comes to odds, because they can change rapidly.

Moreover, in Orbit Exchange the players can enjoy football betting with a fast loading and easy to use and navigate interface, enhancing features such as in-play football betting as well as secure their winnings or minimize their losses with a click of a button with the cash out option.

How Orbit Exchange via Brokerstorm can elevate your game?

From enhanced odds to seamless transactions take a glimpse of how this partnership can elevate your football betting experience to the next level.

Brokerstorm is a highly reputable betting broker that connects players around the globe with the best betting exchanges and Asian Bookmakers in the online betting industry.

Opening their Orbit Exchange account with Brokerstorm, the players can enjoy:

Access to exclusive markets, competitive odds and high liquidity

Bettors can expand their profitable betting options and explore new opportunities gaining access to a wide spectrum of exclusive football betting markets with high liquidity even for less popular football events, combined with extremely competitive odds.

Multiple platforms with a single account

Together with Orbit Exchange Brokerstorm offers bettors access to all major betting exchanges and asian bookies with one account. The players can select the platforms they wish to have access to informing the customer support how they wish their funds to be allocated in each.

3% commission fee on winning bets

All winning bets placed on a betting exchange are charged with a commission rate that varies depending on the broker via which the players keep their account. Brokerstorm allows Orbit Exchange players to maximize their potential winnings by charging one of the lowest commission fees in the market.

Bonuses & Promotions

All clients, whether new or regular, can find in Brokerstorm all sorts of gifts and goodies varying over time, from welcome bonuses to vip promotions.

Efficient Transactions

Brokerstorm saves players time and effort effectuating deposits and withdrawals fast while offering flexible and convenient payment methods accepting a variety of bank, e-wallet and crypto transactions.

Security and Trust

Brokerstorm applies austere security measures in order offer each bettor a safe and reliable betting environment protecting all personal data and funds at maximum.

Multiple Contact Channels

Brokerstorm ensures 16/7 that, when needed, clients always find assistance. Whenever they need to, players can reach out Brokerstorm through live chat, email, and Skype and they will find an experienced and welcoming agent to offer help and guidance with account-related issues, technical queries or any other concern.

Knowledge & Expertise

Brokerstorm offers generously the experience accumulated over the years and helps players navigate through the services and make informed decisions about their betting minimizing risks, providing an extensive faq section, a blog with abundance of informative articles, a thorough policy on terms of service, a self exclusion program and responsible gambling supervision

Discover all this and more about your Orbit Exchange football betting option with Brokerstorm.

In conclusion, betting exchanges such as Orbit Exchange combined with trustworthy brokers like Brokerstorm amplifies the football betting options and the potential profits. Partnering with the two allows all types of players to make informed decisions, gain better control over their bets, avoid unnecessary risks and boost their profits. Whether a recreational player or a professional, football betting can be both thrilling and lucrative.

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