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Mastering Football Betting with Winfair24 Exchange and Brokerstorm

Since the beginning of the sports betting world, few games have brought as much excitement and passion as football. Find out more here.

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Since the beginning of the sports betting world, few games have brought as much excitement and passion as football. The ability to be part of the game by placing stakes on it with football betting increases immensely the thrill of watching a favorite team play on the field. Over the years, football betting has evolved and today there are more than plenty betting platforms to offer a wide array of opportunities to online betting fans. A platform as such is the Winfair24 betting Exchange and in this article we will explain how you can explore its potential fully by accessing it via a trusted broker like

What is football betting?

In simple words, football betting is the opportunity to predict the outcome of football matches and stake on those predictions, making a profit in case they are correct.

With online and mobile football betting, the possibilities and types of bets are countless and online football bettors use a plethora of betting platforms to place their bets both for recreational and professional reasons.

Football betting is extremely popular in the international sports betting world and it has evolved in being an extremely dynamic way for enthusiasts to engage more deeply with the sport.

Why football betting is so popular?

Football is the most popular sport in the world, with a massive global scale of followers. In this, football betting has found an extremely large audience to spread its popularity. Throughout the year there is a thick and frequent league and tournament schedule to keep the bettors engaged; plus, football gives plenty of options when it comes to sports markets and types of bets that can be placed, from traditional outcomes to corner counts, cards displayed, players’ statistics and much more. Another factor that adds to the popularity of football betting is the thrill and the endless possibilities live betting has to offer, where bettors can place bets during a game.

Moreover, football betting is very popular not only to recreational fans, but to professional bettors as well, because they can organize their strategies better due to the fact that football is massively media covered and analyzed, offering, thus, abundance of information. Discussing strategies and tips, sharing the good and bad betting experience, has created a huge global football betting community with a multitude of forums and websites to participate in.

When betting exchanges came into the online sports betting picture, the popularity of football betting has been skyrocketed.

About betting exchanges

Betting Exchanges are betting platforms where players bet against other players with back and lay bets, where a player bet on an outcome to happen, while the other accepts the challenge of the bet and bets on the same outcome not to happen. This betting model has revolutionized football betting, because it offers unparalleled possibilities comparing to traditional bookmakers.

In the betting exchange world, the Betfair exchange stands for many years as the absolute leader, but due to complicated jurisdictional reasons, not all players around the world can have access to it. For this reason, Betfair has helped other betting exchanges to emerge as Betfair alternatives, allowing them to use its software model and sharing with them the same markets, odds, and liquidity. The access to these Betfair Alternative exchanges can be achieved not directly, but via a betting broker. A platform as such is Winfair24, and we will see why it is an ideal choice for both professional and recreational bettors.

What benefits does Winfair24 offer for football betting?

Winfair24 offers a range of key features that sets it apart as a dynamic platform for football betting fans:

Peer-to-peer football betting

Instead of betting against the house, with Winfair24 players can bet against one another and have the unique opportunity to be both players and bookmakers, setting their own odds and offer their bets. Not only can they offer or accept the odds they are willing to bet, but also the players can set up trades in order to manage their positions during a game. This brings players huge control over their bets and opens up huge possibilities for new strategies.

Back and Lay football betting

Winfair24 supports the “back and lay” betting system. Adding the lay feature to their betting options, and bet on various outcomes not to happen, the players can maximize their profits immensely.

Vast Range of Football Markets & In-Play football betting

Having the opportunity to place and modify bets during a football match, the players can have access to a vast array of betting options, from standard football match results and goal totals, to more sophisticated markets, such as halftime scores and players’ statistics. Winfair24, with this wide range of markets and the in-play feature leads to a whole new level of interactive football betting excitement.

User friendly Interface

Winfair24 uses the Betfair software model and it offers an interface that is very simple, clean, and easy to use, which makes it ideal for all types of bettors, especially new comers.

The players can easily understand the platform and they can find all the global football events, Leagues and Tournaments available.

The back and lay betting options for each event are displayed very neatly, following Betfair’s footsteps, where back bets can be placed in blue columns and lay bets in pink columns.

The in-play feature is again shown in a very organized and comprehensive manner, where the players can explore their in-play options not only for current live bets, but for bets scheduled for the current day and the following as well.

The betslips are also displayed in a very convenient manner where in very simple moves the players can set their odds, place their stake and also check their potential profit or liability. They can also easily cancel a bet, and before placing one, they need to confirm it. As soon as a bet is placed, the bettor waits for it to return as fully matched, partially matched or unmatched. Players can also modify their bets in order to make them more likely to be returned as fully matched. If a bet is unmatched, the amount of stake placed returns immediately to the player’s balance.

Cash out

Winfair24 offers players the opportunity to settle their football bets before the match is over, so as to secure their winnings or mitigate their potential losses. This feature is available in most cases, with the rare exception of not being available in specific football markets with low liquidity.

Mobile Compatibility

Winfair24 is compatible not only for desktop, but for mobile users as well. This is very convenient for all types of bettors, as they can engage more and enjoy their football betting activities on the go.

Get access to Winfair24 with Brokerstorm

Finding a good platform is not always enough to ensure an overall smooth football betting experience, especially when it comes to the majority of betting exchanges where the players need a broker in order to be able to gain access.

Trustworthy brokers, such as Brokerstorm, will not only help you open and manage your account, but will be there to have your back and make sure you have everything you need in terms of security, reliability and availability.

Brokerstorm can be your long-term trusted partner to make your football betting journey as exciting as it gets, as it offers a wide range of top notch brokerage services.

Smooth Registration Process

Account opening, verification and funding can be complicated especially for inexperienced bettors. Brokerstorm is there to guide you through the process with easy to follow registration steps.

Knowledge & Expertise

Brokerstorm has a long experience in offering leading brokerage services in the international online betting industry and knows how to minimize risk and ensure the protection of both sides’ interests to the maximum level, providing thorough and complete terms & conditions guide, responsible betting care, and comprehensive faq section.

Customer Support

Whenever you wish to top up your account, to collect your winnings, to solve issues or find answers to queries regarding Winfair24 or your bets, Brokerstorm offers 16/7 live chat, email and Skype customer support service with experienced agents always ready to help you quickly.

Personal Data & Funds Security

Brokerstorm applies very strict security measures to ensure the safety of your personal and financial information and the protection of your data from unauthorized access.

Flexible Payment Methods

Whether you are a traditional swift or sepa bank user or you prefer the use of e-wallets, or cryptocurrencies are your football betting cup of tea, in Brokerstorm you can select the payment methods that suits you better, as it supports swift & sepa bank transfers, AstroPay and MuchBetter payments, as well as crypto transactions performed by every cryptocurrency accepted in the reputable international crypto exchanges.

Bonuses & Offers

Brokerstorm gives all newcomers welcoming boosts that vary depending on the season. It also awards long-term players with VIP promotions and it is widely known for being arbitrage friendly and accepting to professional players.

3% Commission Rate

When betting on a betting exchange it is obligatory that you be charged with percentage commission rate on all winning bets. This rate depends on the broker you will decide to register with. Brokerstorm facilitates players to secure their winnings by charging one of the lowest commission rate in the industry.

Multiple Platforms with One Account

Brokerstorm raises the bar for thrilling football betting, by offering access to multiple Betting Exchanges and Asian Bookies. Players can have access to as many as they like, keeping a single account. They only need to contact the customer support and indicate how their funds would like to be allocated. Simple as that!


Football betting is the most favored betting type in the online sports betting industry not only because it has the ability to entertain the players and keep them constantly engaged, but also because it leads to extreme potential profits when combined with betting exchanges, such as Winfair24. As such exchanges can only be accessed via a broker, bettors can open their Winfair24 account with Brokerstorm and get the support, guidance and security they need, in order to make the most out of their football betting journey.

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