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Faith In Wenger Gone, Time For The Excuses To Stop

I have always made my intentions about Wenger very clear. Some may tell me to change clubs, and believe me they will, but I don’t have faith in Wenger. I have faith in Arsenal, but not Wenger. I believe in my club, but not my manager…Now if you come to this blog often, you shall probably know that…

Its quite simple really… I respect what Wenger has done for the club. This is because he ran the club on a shoe-string budget and kept us in contention of the champions league. Now wait a moment, and just think about this. How many managers can keep a club in contention of 4 trophies every year, whilst having a very very very nominal budget? Not many, not many at all.

You may not agree with a man, but yet you may still have respect for him. Well, thats the case between me and Dr. House of AFC. The man has made some foolish decisions which refrained us from winning anything for 6 years. Take a deep breath, and think about this point too. He could have signed a good goalie who would have made the difference, and he could have bought a few players who could have made the difference, but he didn’t ( and this was the time in which ‘he’ stated that he had the money). The only defense the man has has been stated quite clearly above, but that cannot be used forever…

I don’t believe in Wenger. When I see Arsenal facing a team like Blackburn I believe we can win, I honestly do..But substitute Blackburn with a Manchester United or Barcelona, and that “Believe” shall change to H-O-P-E. If Arsenal have to win against top teams, or any team for that matter, they require a man who is capable of instilling confidence in players, and deployng tactics! Wenger can do the former, but the latter, sorry I doubt it.

I am not saying that I am better than him or that I have a dart board in my house with his picture on it, but its just that he does not give you the confidence a guy like Fergie, Guardiola, or even a Mourinho gives you. Now people will say, and trust me they will, that Fergie, Mourinho and Guardiola can spend in the transfer market, and Arsene can’t. Well, let me make this part very clear to the AKB readers out there. AW can spend, however, he will not. Please stop saying crap like he has no money, and that he cannot spend. The reason he says he cannot, sorry won’t spend is because there is no value in the market, and his current players are better than any out there. Again, a load of bullsh*t! Players like Almunia are in no way better than players like Akinfeev, Neuer. This illusion the man creates is pure fantasy.

I was happy to see that the club has decided to expand its fan base. That should help make the ticket prices stable for some time. But again, our manager did not seem to happy about the idea, which again makes me wonder, what is it that this man wants? Yeah, he agreed, but look at his comments on the situation. Agree or disagree, but anyone who makes a statement like that does not look to thrilled about the idea that commercial income is useful.

“It is a compromise with the commercial department. It is the real world because we do not get the money in on any other income than the one you produce, so we have to produce as much as we can,” Wenger said.

“I compromised a little bit, but only if we can respect our preparation and the dates are respected.

“Ideally I wouldn’t want to go, but I go because we make some sponsorship, some money on the games, that is higher than in Europe.

“We already have less financial potential than others, so we cannot fall behind as well on the commercial income.”


Emmanuel Eboue, woohhhh…thats a tough one. Eboue, for me is a guy who should have used his brains instead of his body just for that one moment. Yes, I know and you know its a Lucas dive. And even if you don’t know it, then be aware of the fact that Lucas did dive, but can you blame the ref for giving them a penalty?


Honestly, I thought it was over, but Wednesday and Tuesday will make it clear. So, for now at least…It’s not over….And no I am not drunk!


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