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Carlo, Zola, Guus – Expect This ‘Dream’ Trio At The Bridge Next Year

It is the third time in Roman Aramovich’s 8-year dynasty, and we are trophyless. This wasn’t totally expected by us, when the season started, so there are calls from every Chelsea fans from around the world for a change. Some want a massive overhaul of the squad, or some want only two or three players replaced by some good counterparts, or some even want a change in the coaching staff.

I am writting this article, much to the wish of my co-blogger, Ash di Spontaneous, who expressed a dreamy, but earthly wish of seeing a trio of Carlo Ancelotti, Gianfranco Zola, and Guus Hiddink at the coaching staff. With Arnesen about to leave for Hamburg SV by the end of the summer, the role of sporting director will become. The Dane worked hard, but faced the rage of criticism from people of all over the world, including some Chelsea fans, for being unable to produce some talents, and wasting millions of pounds. But after Arnesen decided he will leave the post, we finally saw, that Chelsea’s future is bright, by seeing the likes of Josh McEachran, Ryan Bertrand, Gael Kakuta, Milan Lalkovic, etc. So to make sure, that this new wave of production doesnt get hindered, we must employ an efficient person at the vacant post of sporting director at Chelsea.

Media reports are claiming that Chelsea, or in other words, Roman Abramovich is running for Guus Hiddink to replace Ancelotti as the manager. I will keep on doubting those reports, unless and until they are official, as I have always said. Moreover, Guus Hiddink had already stated that he is too reluctant to take over the managerial position again, but will prefer the role of a sporting director. So I think he is the right man to succeed Arnesen, and Roman should try to persuade Guus for this post. We all know that if Roman tries something, its not impossible.

Now, after the sacking of our club legend Ray Wilkins, our side had astonishingly slumped to an agonising 4th place from the pole position. Many claim that his sacking synchronished Chelsea’s slump. I dont believe that. Rather, I think his successors are inefficient. Paul Clement lacked proper experience and Michael Emenalo, was rumoured to be not admired by Ancelotti at all. And so that distance may have trigged our slump. So, a change in the assistant managerial role is always an acceptable suggestion. Now, who do you think, should get there? I think its our one of the greatest club legends, Gianfranco Zola. Sacked by West Ham, a season ago, he is free from any roles now. So I think, if he is requested to takeover the assistant managerial role, he will widely welcome that proposal.

Moreover, he has a natural bond with the club, the fans at the Shed End and the Matthew Harding, where he always went to celebrate after a goal, and lastly he has tremendous bondage with our John Terry and Frank Lampard. So you cant ask more! Zola is dedicated, jovial, loving and indeed, a right person, who can link up well with the coach and the players, triggering some possible good outcomes on the field.

The future of Carlo still remains uncertain, and everyone are saying that probably Carlo had managed Chelsea for the last time in front of the Stamford Bridge in the match against Newcastle United. Carlo did attend the customary ‘Lap of Honour’ and he waved the Chelsea fans, but some positive chance of a potential ‘Carlo stay’ is still there as Roman Abramovich was present at the Bridge that day, and heard some chants from the Chelsea faithful, ‘Stay Carlo Stay.’ Probably, this can change Roman’s mind. In the coming weeks, a certain expectation of the media can change for those chants.

But, irrespective of what happens, in the coming weeks, I can widely expect Roman to stick with Carlo and should look at the assistant managerial position and the one at sporting director, instead of spending for players first. Roman had turned many unexpected things into reality, so I, along with Ash di Spontaneous (@ChelseaAnalyst) can expect a trio of Carlo Ancelotti, Gianfranco Zola and Guus Hiddink at Chelsea from next year – and its never a dream!

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  1. Aage Johansen

    May 19, 2011 at 11:11 am

    YES! This sounds like heaven to me.

  2. gary

    May 19, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    Ancelotti has done a fair job. It will be hard to find someone better. I am sure that Mourinho would be an instant success, and Hiddink would do well, but both seem committed to their present jobs and it’s unlikely that the other suggestions like Zola or Rijkaard would do any better than Carlo.
    Ancelotti did make some odd decisions this season; playing Torres against Liverpool in his first game was probably the worst of them. This did leave us all wondering if there was pressure from above. But we have recently seen a change of attitude. Torres has started from the bench, allowing the more confident Drogba to set the early pace, and the triple substitution against New Castle was a bold move that made me think the best of Ancelotti is yet to come. I think many fans are wondering if Ancelotti has the vision to make winning decisions. Things did go awry when Wilkinson left, and Carlo seemed like he was at sea for a while. I think he needs a good assistant, and I would be keen to see Terry phased out as a player and brought in next to him. I also think a number of fans are concerned that Ancelotti will hang on to aging players (like Terry) when it’s time for them to go. He did keep a number of aging players at AC Milan, and right now Chelsea needs to replace a few of their slowing heroes. But putting all this aside; Ancelotti is loved by all the fans and the members of his team. Torres commented on how much more laughter there is in the Chelsea changing room in comparison to the Liverpool one, and I can only imagine that this is due to Ancelotti’s influence. Ancelotti is also respected by all Premiership managers. He is honest and diplomatic. I cannot remember him ever attacking another manager or a referee since he arrived at Chelsea. But whether Ancelotti will prove to be a fighter and serial cup winner like Mourinho is another question. Logic tells me he deserves another year, but Chelsea cannot afford any more “bad moments”… whatever that means.

  3. Bob Eachway

    May 20, 2011 at 1:22 am

    Next season will be one of transition. It will be the last season with the spine of the team Terry Lampard and Drogba. Players coming in to replace these players will have the year to work themselves in. Transfers will come this season and next presided over by Hiddink. Ancelotti should see out his contract with Zola assisting. This will offer the necessary stabiity over the change time. A new Manager can then come in for the season after. Remember a team is not just a bunch of players they need to have a strong collective identity. Hiddink and Zola can help with that and Terry Lampard and Drogba have a job to do to instill the Chelsea team and club culture to the new charges(hopefully young ones) who we will rely on for the next 5 season.

  4. Inad/maldives

    May 20, 2011 at 2:41 am

    The article seems perfect. its a dream of me too . see that this three in chelsea managerial seats . its all best in the world. we can’t say carlo is not a good manager , and he didn’t do anything this season. he has tried his best. AS u can see the changes start when Chelsea sacked Ray Wikkins for some Reason. was not a good decission. Along with that Zola is a Chelsea legend , No doubt of him at all. guss succeed chelsea once. Carlo+Zola+Guss= Abrovamich Dream( champhions League)

  5. branafan

    May 20, 2011 at 10:24 am

    These rumours are a joke, the original one is van Basten, Hiddink and Zola. Changing one name doesn’t make it better.

    This was supposed to be a season of transition, Carlo proved himself inept and we’ve learned nothing over than he’s going to do to us what he did to Milan and Rafa did to Liverpool.

  6. branafan

    May 20, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Also, rather interestingly Kalou reveals what is likely the feeling in the dressing room regarding Carlo, they don’t care about him.

    Sure, the senior players, like JT and Lamps support the manager publicly, but when haven’t they done that?

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