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Lions on our chest, but fat cats in the FA boardroom

England's Alf Ramsey

By Guest Writer John Powell.

We live in a country, with a small population and even smaller land space, than most countries in the world, yet, for some reason , every world cup competition, we think we have a great chance of winning it. We England, are just not that good, lets look at the facts, we don`t have enough quality to fill a single premier league squad, every single squad in the premier league consists of at least half a dozen foreign players.

We cudn`t even qualify for the last european football championships. We play most of our freindllies against unrated fifa countries.

Most of our big clubs sell our best young talented youngsters, and then, in chelsea`s case, try to resign them back, for many millions, years later.

Appointments such as Kevin Keegan (what a player), steve mclaren and sven goran errikson just lead me to believe, what ive thought for years, that the English F A is run by old men that have never played football and know nothing about the game.

The english FA would rather give the England job to some over the hill johnny foreigner, who has only ever tasted success, by spending uncountable millions of lira, by buyig players, and never had to work at grass roots.

Why, if Sir Alf Ramsay could win The World Cup, with no experience, do we, the english require an expensive foreigner to win it again.

I believe that England will never win a major competition, untill they have a good english manager, who has proved himself at english club level.

The english f a will find, like Man City will find, you cannot buy major trophie`s, somebody within the setup, of a club or national team, has to have knowledge, and as i can see, nobody within the england set up has any worth mentioning.

Untill Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and now Man City sart to invest in and develop our English born youngsters, in a more serious fashion, England will remain nothing but a nearly team, no amount of wayne rooney`s can save the day.

My conclusion is that, yet again the tabloid rags from fleet street will fill our tiny minds, and our mighty hearts with all the hopes we need to be convinced, once again, that we can and will, win The World Cup.

Then once we have failed, like we have so many times befor, they, the tabloid rags, will slate the rooney`s and gerrard`s of this world, for not winning a competition, they had no hope in hell of winning in the first place.

Go on england, prove me wrong!.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. tonyappleton

    April 19, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    Hi John.

    I’m a big fan of the passion that’s shown in your article, however I do disagree with some of your points.

    Firstly, we DO have a fantastic chance of winning the World Cup this year. In qualifying we were fantastic, almost faultless, and that confidence, coupled with a favourable draw (Brazil, Spain and Italy in the other half) has given us an excellent standing despite the injury problems that some players have faced. Rooney will be fine, so will Ashley Cole, but what does concern me is the fitness of Aaron Lennon. With no Beckham, right wing could be up for grabs, and no-one seems to be stepping up to the plate yet.

    The confidence within the camp comes from the two words which make my argument against your belief that England won’t win anything until we appoint a proven club level manager. Those two words are Fabio Capello. I think the players have come out and expressed there excitement about the professionalism around each camp now (was it Carlton Cole bringing in ketchup? haha). Capello is meticulous, demanding and unafraid to make changes, just like any manager should be.

    Don’t get me wrong, I campaigned for Allardyce to be England manager before Mclaren, but can you honestly say that him, or Roy Hodgson, or Stuart Pearce, or Martin O’Neill, or even ‘Arry Redknapp could do the same job as Capello has already done?! Club football and international football are two entirely different things, and Hodgson apart, I can’t think of any English manager with credible international experience. That is why we go foreign, and I believe we have picked the best of the bunch.

    I do agree, however, that the tabloids might savage any under performing players, and that is why Steven Gerrard has to up his game considerably sooner rather than later.

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