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TRANSFER NEWS: City Target Arsenal Ace | Surprise Midfielder Linked With Gunners

Today’s post will be dedicated to the news given to us by the media Vultures. As always, I’ll prefer to start with possible arrivals before writing about departures.

Blackburn’s Indian owners have told the media Vultures and Arsenal that they’ll like to keep hold of Samba for a season at least.

They said that he has an ambition to play for Arsenal but they hope to keep him for one more season to show their own ambition. If their ambition involves escaping relegation again next season, they can be my guests. Samba is a player that’ll add a lot of power, aerial presence as well as experience to our defense so I really hope that Wenger will try his possible best to make Samba wear the Red and White.

Owen Coyle has already told the media Vultures that he’ll fight to keep Cahill so we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed over the next few weeks that Wenger and Gazidis will work their magic on the defensive duo.

The most interesting piece of the day involves Arsenal been linked with that brawler Joey Barton. If a player like Barton signs a four-year contract with Arsenal, he’ll spend three seasons with the club and the last one in jail.

Let’s remember that it was Joey Barton’s rash tackle on Diaby that made the Frenchman to be brandished with a red card. As a player, Joey Barton is a slow poke that is just technically gifted with dead ball situations. He also has a nice crossing ability but the most annoying thing about watching Joey Barton play is seeing him take a penalty.

Cristiano Ronaldo spreads his legs like the way a peacock spreads his tail feathers anytime he wants to take a free kick. Joey Barton on the other hand plays his spot kicks like a cocky nitwit because he doesn’t even move back before taking the kick. Wojciech Szczesny faced him twice in February and he was beaten hands down by the bloke.

Moving over to player departures, the regular suspects are back in the news again. Contract rebel Samir Nasri has been linked with a move to Man City. Manchester City’s qualification to the Champions League now means that they will give Mancini the funds to buy all the players in the Milky Way so Nasri is part of the list because he’s just a star in the galaxy of footballers. Nasri’s agent is currently on talks with the club for his new bumper salary package so I don’t believe that Nasri would even think of leaving Arsenal, let alone going to Man City. He admitted a few days back that he still has a lot to learn and there’s no other club where his learning curve can be sky-rocketed like Arsenal Football Club.

The Arsenal hierarchy has told everyone that Fabregas’ number one ass sniffers are back on his case again. The chairman says,

“Yes, they have spoken to us about Cesc. They have been in touch. But so far they have not made a bid and we do not want to let him go. But he comes from Barcelona so it is understandable if he wanted to go back. However, they have not made an offer so far.”

It’s simple, they have not made a bid and Arsenal doesn’t want him to go so there’s no point drawing on the issue because we all know that Barcelona has openly undervalued our captain. With all the trophies they’ve won under Pep the Baldy, they still cannot afford £50m to pay for Francesc Fabregas.

The tweet of the day goes to Taipan Candido Uche

@Taipan: FIFA 12 wants to create a new game mode called Arsenal, where it’s impossible to win trophies.

That really hurt, I wanted you all to feel my pain.


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