Rooney Denies Blocking United Signing Sneijder

By on July 20, 2011

When Wayne Rooney signed a new five year contract back in October of 2010, he said he was “delighted” to be staying at the club where he belongs. He was probably also rather pleased with the amount of money he would be taking home each week, as he had been then made Manchester United’s top earner with a reported wage of something above £200,000 per week.

Manchester United have been linked to a player reportedly demanding more than Rooney’s mammoth wages in Wesley Sneijder, and it had been said in numerous speculative reports that Rooney was uncomfortable with a player earning more than him. That to me sounds extremely egotistical and selfish of the English striker, and it is something I wouldn’t really expect from him, so I was pleased to hear that Rooney would in fact welcome Sneijder to United, no matter what his wages would be. A source close to Rooney said:

“It’s nonsense to suggest Wayne would ever stop Manchester United signing a player like Wesley Sneijder because he wants to stay the top-paid player at Old Trafford; its absolutely not true. In fact, it’s just the reverse. He’s happy to see United sign any world-class player to improve the club’s chances of success.”

“What other players earn when they join United is of no concern to Wayne. He is happy with his own situation at the club. Wayne is committed to seeing Manchester United improve at every level, which is why he signed on for five more years last season.”

Indeed, despite the questionable demands from Sneijder about his wages, it should be of no concern to any other players what they earn per week. For a player to be against a club signing another player because they would exceed their own wages is quite frankly ridiculous to me, especially when we are talking about the already massive sums of money they are being paid.

While Rooney may support the Sneijder signing, Sir Alex Ferguson’s latest comments to “forget” United signing Sneijder seems to rule out the signing, unfortunately for the majority of Manchester United fans, who find Sneijder as the perfect replacement for Paul Scholes.

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  1. Ayerin micheal

    July 20, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    I am happy to b a man u fan including my family.tell ferguson to sign sneijer in time we want him in our club and to settle de gea problem in time . We must let epl chaipon league dis season. Up united.

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  3. victor

    July 21, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    al my family is a manunited fans nd i want ferguson 2 sign sniljder by force pls sir alex ferguson

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