Bergkamp: RVP Would Be Better Playing Like Me

By on October 12, 2011

Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp believes Robin Van Persie should be playing just behind an out-and-out goal scorer, similar to how he played while at the Gunners.

Bergkamp, now coaching at Ajax, feels Robin van Persie is playing out of position and should be playing just behind a main striker, similar to the role he adopted in north London, and feels the Gunners midfield are all too similar. He told the Daily Mail:

“When I look at Robin van Persie, he is the front player, but he is better in my old role. They are missing an out-and-out goalscorer. Now they play with an extra midfielder instead.

“The midfielders are all the same sort of players. You need one who wants to get in behind Van Persie.”

The Dutch maestro spent over 10 years at Arsenal, making 411 appearances and scoring 120 goals for the club.


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