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Arsenal 3-1 Stoke City: Arsenal Player Ratings

With 20 mins to go Van Persie and Gervinho ensured we got the points. The former scoring 2 and the latter scoring 1 and providing 2 assists. As for the rest, here is how all of them fared at the Emirates yesterday:

Szczesny: Firstly, he will make a good dribbler. Secondly, whatever he did yesterday was routine. Thirdly, he was helpless for the goal…..6

Santos: Unnecessary fouls. Covered his side well though. He needs to improve his crosses and movement when going forward……6.5

Kosher: He has the ability to be a world class defender. Quite obviously, the leader in the defense. He took the ball from Couch fairly, and the ref was wrong to criticise him for it….7.5

Per: Some inane passes, but other than that – well-disciplined and patient. Should have kept Crouch quiet though…..6

Djourou: Quiet, and dealt with whatever came his way. He should improve his communication skills with Szczesny, as he may be playing quite often with Sagna out…..6

Song: He was our major attacking threat upto the 60th min, and he put his shift in defense also. Proper, balance play from the captain (before Van Persie)….7

Ramsey: He is the leader in the midfield. He played some brilliant balls in the first half and provided the slick chip for Gervinho. This is why I want him to take the initiative, and play forward. That is how good he can be…..8.5

Arteta: Did well to keep the ball in on 46, and subsequently provided a juicy cross for Chamakh to miss. Other than that nothing special. A few positive passes, majority of which were dealt with….6.5

Gervinho: My MOTM because he scored and provided 2 assists. He tormented any defender on his side of the flank and if he keeps this up can truly be a special player. However that being said he took the responsibility of Santos’ role and failed to mark the over-lapping run of the left back………9.5

Theo: What is the point if you can run fast and you don’t use it?….4

Chamakh: No comment….3


Arshavin: He played the pass to Gervinho who then provided his second assist. Added something more to the team, and honestly contributed more than Walcott…7

Robin Van Persie: Let’s see. He was on for 20 mins, and scored 2 goals. Inspired the team and added loads of quality and confidence when on the pitch. Similar to what Cesc did when he came on against Villa. Someone please help me out with this one…9

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  1. Bridgers

    October 24, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Kosser MoM without any doubt! Djourou still needs to understand that sticking your bum out at attackers is not a recognised tackling tecnique!!!!

  2. Bongo

    October 24, 2011 at 11:08 am

    You’re being exceptionally unfair on Chamakh. He put in a good shift just has no confidence in the box anymore.
    He deserves at least a 5 for the defensive duties he did today which were actually brilliant. Against the long ball, long throw in specialists his height bailed us out of trouble in our own penalty area more than once. That is definitely worth a couple more points.

  3. bod

    October 24, 2011 at 11:25 am

    @bongo:ROTFLOL!when a front man,a ‘9’, should be rated more for putting in a ‘defensive shift’ then there’s a big problem!

  4. Orubu

    October 24, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    I support ur ratings of d players but where on earth did theo get 4? Wt contribution did he av in d past 3 matches? He’s a fine-looking boy wit no common football sense.

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