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5 Unsung Arsenal Heros This Season

Today I want to talk about a couple of gunners who’ve been tremendous in the last couple of matches. Sure, Robin and Koscielny are getting a lot of praise which they rightly deserve. But other players have helped us getting in the groove too. Some have helped us with their tremendous work rate, stamina and others with their creativity. But, they’ve all shown plenty of passion throughout this period. If we want to finish in a good place this season this attitude of theirs will help us get there. This article will talk about those players.

5) Aaron Ramsey: Ramsey has been tremendous this season, undoubtedly. This is the Ramsey we know.

After Cesc and Nasri left and Wilshere got injured Arsenal were in deep trouble. There just wasn’t any creativity there. Arsenal looked toothless without that touch of creativity, without that penetration, that moment of magic that aforementioned players gave us. But, lo and behold Ramsey stepped up. When people were doubtful that we’ll ever see the same Ramsey, who played so well before he broke his leg by that horrific tackle by Shawcross, but much like the Eduardo situation; he came back as if nothing ever happened. He looked a bit jaded at the first couple of games but then started firing on all cylinders. The distance he is covering in every match is absolutely insane. He is bringing on that touch of creativity back into Arsenal midfield. With some brilliant Hollywood passes he’s added some goals to his tally this season. Wenger isn’t wrong when he says that he sees Ramsey as a tremendous all round midfielder who can reach double figure every season. Unlike Cesc, Ramsey is not just a passer but he is creating his own box-to-box personality. A lot of credit to him for coming back so strongly from that horrible injury. He and Wilshere together is indeed a mouthwatering partnership.

4) Mikel Arteta: When this season started, Arsenal was down to the bare bones and in desperate need for midfielders. Arsene Wenger brought in Mikel Arteta.

Mikel is a certainly a good player. He maybe not as efficient as his compatriot Cesc but he is certainly Arsenal quality. He was expected to start just behind the striker just where Cesc did. But Wenger put him in more of a holding midfielder role behind Ramsey and beside Alex Song. And since then Mikel has reinvented himself as a player. He has excelled in the deep-lying playmaker role. That’s where he used to play before he went to Everton. His ball retaining ability, his short passes, and his play dictating ability has changed Arsenal’s team dynamics from the core. He recently got his first assist in the Chelsea game. His going forward ability means Arsenal always has an extra man n the edge of the box when on attack, and he is a good set pieces taker as well. I was a bit worried about his medical record at Everton, but he’s played almost every match so far. Now, that he’s more familiar with his new team-mates I’m sure there’s more to come for him.

3) Per Mertesacker: Nothing new to say about the Big German.

He’s taken a little bit of stick after that soft goal John Terry scored, beating him to the ball. But overall he’s been tremendous for us. Without any adjusting period to the speed of game in England, he was thrown at the deeper end from the first game. We’ve still conceded quite a few goals from set pieces but we look a lot more assured when it comes to set pieces now. With him on defense we’ve seen some real good defensive performances from Arsenal, both Marseille games comes to mind. He brings a certain aura of experience and calmness into the Arsenal back four. As he settles more, we can expect more to come from him.

2) Gervinho: Gervinho came as a straight replacement for Nasri. And, he is already better than Nasri. (Yes, still bitter.)

You can ridicule him for his forehead but he is a dangerous player. His dribbling ability, his running at the defences has helped Arsenal quite a bit; his assist for RVP in the Udinese game, his assist in the Chelsea game, and in the Stoke game proves that. He can score too, he showed that against Stoke. His workrate is high. He has gelled in very well with the other gunners. And, either way you have to love someone who bitchslaps Joey Barton!

His only problem so far is, he gets pretty confused about when to pass and when to shoot. But he’s getting the hang of it pretty quick. There is surely more to come from him. Nasri had seven goals and five assists in his first season. Let’s see how far Gervinho can get.

1) Alex Song: Now comes the hero of the day. Alex Song.

He’s been astounding this season, I repeat astounding. His work rate is absolutely tremendous. In every match he played he’s worked like a horse. His positioning, ball retaining ability is vital to Arsenal. He’s getting assists in big games too, Tottenham and Chelsea game comes to mind. In the last three season he is our most improved player. I can’t believe this guy got booed just couple of seasons ago. And, I love his raw passion. We need more of that. I hope he is one of the players we tie down on long contracts along with RVP and Sagna. We can’t afford to lose him.

That’s it for today. All praise goes to God who is kind enough to let us go through good times again. And, as I praise these players…I hope I didn’t jinx them! Long may their form continue. As I said earlier all of them are vital in our journey to go forward.



  1. Julius

    November 4, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Spot on mate..all those players have been amazing gervis, arteta, per song and ram..,let’s hope they continue doing good things..praise be to God indeed

  2. Icent

    November 4, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    1st off this is lyk the 1st arsenal post i hav seen that recognises the important role GOD plays in football n i give u kudos for that,2nd i reckon gervinho will do better than nasri this season(both @city and for his 1st season wit us)3rd i thought i was the only 1 that recognised the work arteta does in midfield,4 Ramsey can only get better,5 Alex Song just joined the longlist of raw talent turned superstars that will be credited to wenger when he quits football and i pray they both stay at Arsenal for the rest of their careers,6 tomorrow’s game will end 3-0 to The Arsenal.

  3. Dollars

    November 5, 2011 at 4:37 am

    Arsenal good thinking,good people!

  4. Prolonta

    November 5, 2011 at 6:07 am

    Indeed Alex Song has been a pleasant surprise in the last couple of seasons. Hardworking, reliable, commited and very strong. You rarely see him losing out on a one-one tussle. Lets hope we tie him down on a long term contract. We can’t just afford to lose him now. I’m foreseeing a good ‘headache’ for Arsene when our bright Jack Wilshere comes back from injury.

  5. winnerman

    November 5, 2011 at 6:32 am

    Icent i was just saying the same thing after reading the God side of this piece, i felt its sincerity and dare i say He will favour us from now onwards! meanwhile great article and spot on assessment!

  6. Arsenal1Again

    November 5, 2011 at 8:35 am

    I’ve looked and looked and I can’t find any God part. Confused here?????

    Wilshere and Ramsey partnership might come off as a good thing, giving us something like the Barcelona central midfield – but don’t be surprised if it’s like the Lampard/Gerrard partnership for the England National side.

    I think Gervinho is more like a striker who is playing on the wing, while Nasri was a Winger (regardless of his own ideas about central midfield).

    Mertesacker does relax me, yes. He’s expected to perform miracles on set pieces because of his 7’7″ height, but really this what our goalkeeper should be working on. If Mad Jens can do it, so can he.

    Arteta is enjpoying himself and making up for lost time. He’s a very useful players at times but there have been games where he’s gone missing. His assists tally is woeful for 3 months of play.

    Alex Song has improved a lot yes, I know longer think we need to buy a decent DM because we have one. Coqlin is a great back up and Frimpong I think has the potential to to be Arsenal 1st choice DM. I like that Song is also a competent central defender giving us vital cover.

    You say they’re unsung heroes … I disagree. They are all very much appreciated and this is voiced by everyone regularly.

    A real unsung hero is Jenkinson. What this kid has had to adapt to in a very short time is no small feat and he just get’s better by game. He is fast becoming the most improved player and he can play equally well across the entire defence and as a DM.

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