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Time To Be Honest: Liverpool 0 – 0 Swansea: Match Reaction

So that’s yet another two points dropped. What a shame. We really should be looking at Newcastle and saying, “That should be us”.

25 shots. 0 Goals. Can you believe it? 25 shots and 0 goals. That almost takes lacking clinal finishing a whole new meaning. To be honest, I think that Liverpool need to be a bit more patient. Personally, I think that Liverpool seem to be rushing their attacks too much – forcing the forward pass – resulting in us losing the ball.

We need to take our time to find the gaps. Charlie Adam picking out Stewart Downing for that early chance for Andy Carroll is what we should be doing more. Take the time, pick out the pass is what I am trying to say.

Provide the Runs, Be More Bold!

That’s my personal message to the Liverpool FC players. Luis Suarez looked really isolated out there on his own despite Carroll’s attempts to link up with him. The reality is that Carroll needs someone right by his side to collect his headers, thus we pretty much lose a player from that.

For more goals to flow in, one thing is going to need to happen: the runs must be provided. The likes of Downing, Enrique, Henderson/Kuyt and Johnson must be offering the fullbacks food for thought, dragging them out wide with their runs, along with providing crosses from the wings, that’s the way to go for me.

After all, you have to remember that we have a 1.9m center forward in the penalty box. Let’s use him. I struggle to believe personally that Downing hasn’t created/scored a clear cut goal for Liverpool FC during the season thus far.

His problem, I think is because he needs to come in to collect the ball, the Liverpool FC central midfielders are a bit to narrow, hence it’s hard to bring the ball out wide.

Furthermore, there just needs to be more movement. To me, the pressing is not necessary. Take your time and organize the defence should be the message going out to the Liverpool FC players. Pressing means, that the opposition can get behind you, leaving you out of position. Pressing also takes a lot of their ability to concentrate – causing players to be tired from the chasing.

Suarez, try and Stay Up More

To be honest, it happens a little too often. Slightly over-dramatic at times, and I, although a Liverpool fan, would like to see the Uruguayan just produce the magic on the ball, not try to draw the foul all the time.

He had a few chances on goal before he went down that I’m pretty sure he would have taken, only to go down before complaining to the referee. It’s happening a little too often and I’m personally getting a little annoyed.

Rodriguez the Answer?

I came across a great article just a few days ago. You guys can read it here. Basically, it suggests that Maxi Rodriguez was pivotal in Liverpool’s recovery last season under Dalglish. There is even a stat, where Liverpool’s win percentage with Rodriguez last season was 70%, whilst without it was 37.5%.

The reason? Perhaps because he knows how to find the net? Personally I think it’s because the pass and move philosophy is ingrained in the talented Argentine. He does it well, and the team plays well when he does.

What I’m trying to say is, if Downing and Henderson continue to underperform, don’t be surprised if Rodriguez comes into the team. He’s a talented player, no doubt, and I believe that Liverpool would play better with him.



  1. Clint

    November 7, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    1. Our finishing is absolutely embarrassing, all that money spent and we’re still in need of a head strong creative midfielder and a goal scorer. Our massive signing of January should be someone that in fact enjoys scoring. You give RVP the chances we create and patience wouldn’t exactly be needed. Suarez and Carroll aren’t going to get the goals we need. We need someone, that no matter how shit he’s playing, or we’re playing, when given an opportunity he’d do exactly what Carroll doesn’t.

    2. We need a right-sided Downing. Simple solution. Downing is overwhelmed as our only wide player, and beyond the first 30 minutes, blitzing the left wing is predictable. And we have to stop playing Downing on the right. We spend 30m on a target man, buy one winger and then play him on his weak foot. FAIL! We need players capable of taking on the defenders and hitting the by-line. We need it on both sides. Henderson is clueless, and well no one else that can cross has any pace, so ruling them out of that RW spot. It’s obvious we need balance. Glen needs his own Downing, while Jose keeps working with his.

    3. Suarez’ desperation is exactly what we paid for. We didn’t just get a skilled player, we got someone who is prepared to be the goalkeeper or bite another player to win a game. Which is brilliant, the attitude I mean. But his efforts are all in vein when the headless chickens give up. However, I agree, Suarez is a better footballer standing up. Him and Adam must drop their little diving competition and play football. That said, there are times when the defender expects Suarez to take a dive and so backs away… He should dummy a dive and use the defenders’ naivity – worth a try.

    4. Our midfield is screaming for experience and know-how. None fit the bill but Gerrard, who has taken leave again. So, may I suggest a pipe dream of mine. We need Alonso back. Madrid are a turnover club, refreshing their team every 3 or so years. Alonso will be replaced, rather soon I think, and so we should bring him back. We’re linked with youngsters galore, but we’re not suffering with youth. We need a level head and someone to take charge. Alonso’s return would be bigger than Fowlers.

    If we really want top 4 this season, we must buy 3 players in the winter: a happy goalscorer, a right-footed actual winger with pace, and an Alonso-esque player. To think we bought Adam for 9m while Spurs got their “Alonso” in Parker for 5m. My 3 yo cousin could tell you who’s the better signing. And to think we lost 2 youngsters as part. Kind of like 4m + Dalla Valle for Konchesky – liverpool logic. We need to buy more winners.

  2. Harvey

    November 7, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Show me 5 consecutive wins back to back and i’ll believe we have a chance at the top 4 and a Champion’s league spot!! Otherwise it’s just a pipe dream…

  3. granger gibson

    November 7, 2011 at 1:09 pm


  4. Brad

    November 8, 2011 at 10:54 am

    They don’t have the desire to win over others and all I hear is another excuse after another. The main issue in Liverpool is no longer just about who they purchased last summer or who are they going to purchase this winter. If a team lost it’s wild-side and ambition, even a world-class player could play like a lower grade player in the team. Now, Liverpool don’t even dare to dream big or how to become big, all they care about is “how” to survive within the “Big 4″ and hardly score any goal. You know what Liverpool need the most is stop giving any excuse and blaming who shouldn’t be on the team. How about just play/score like you are enjoying every single match with Liverpool and don’t give a damn what other people think/say.

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