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RVP – “I Want Him To Stay At Arsenal”

Former Arsenal captain and current hier-apparent to Xavi at Barcelona Cesc Fabregas has voiced his concerns over the current Robin van Persie contract situation, which could mirror than of Samir Nasri’s next summer. The Catalan spoke glowingly of his successor:

“I don’t know if they will keep him, it is his decision. At his age, if he wants to move, it will be his last chance and it he wants to stay he will stay and retire at Arsenal. We will see what he decides but he’s been very loyal to Arsenal for a few years. He is a key player, the fans love him. For me, he is the role model of Arsenal, the star player and they cannot afford to lose him.”

Aside from the comment about him being loyal to Arsenal over the past few years I agree wholeheartedly with Cesc – if anything, persevering with a player so injury prone and keeping him as our first choice shows loyalty on the part of the club. Despite these comments being wholly from the heart and innoucuous, the Daily Mail managed to spin them as a ‘warning for RVP to leave’.

”He is having an amazing season and hopefully he will be fit for the whole season. Unfortunately, when I was there, he never enjoyed a whole season and it was one of the things I regret a little bit. I hope he can keep going like that. Could he come to Barcelona? He would fit in anywhere but I’m an Arsenal fan and I want him to stay at Arsenal.”

This again is fair enough: we can all agree that if he stays fit there’s no doubt that we will succeed and if he leaves he could command a starting position in any club in world football – Szczesny’s recent comment that he has to be considered up on a level with Ronaldo and Messi seem well founded as on current form he’s arguably the best striker in the world.

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