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Abramovich Is Making Chelsea The Joke Of English Football

Following the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas, Chelsea FC have fast become the joke of English football for the way owner Roman Abramovich treats his managers.

Chelsea Manager Carlo Ancelotti

Ancelotti - Sacked after winning the double!

Guest post by Chelsea Fanatic:

As a devoted Chelsea fan I have to admit I am growing disappointed and embarrassed by the sheer lack of stability at the club. The rapid sacking of managers, regardless of the reasons, has made Chelsea Football Club the joke of English Football today. Manchester City have a better reputation in terms of managerial tolerance than Chelsea, a reputation which I am not proud of. This simply has to stop.

Some might argue that AVB was doomed to fail from the very beginning. However, for once it felt like a young man had come in and could build some sort of long term structure at the club and shape it to make it his own. I hoped he would bring some much needed stability to the club and employ the youth. Alas, neither happened.

AVB’s appointment came only after Abrahmovich’s previous infamous sacking of the extremely successful Carlo Ancelotti, the Italian who now manages Oil Rich Paris Saint Germain. The Italian surpassed Mourinho to claim the Domestic Double, the first in Chelsea’s history. 12 months later he was out of the club.

Roman Abrahmovich has invested over £1 billion into Chelsea Football Club and the fans are of course grateful but he needs to stop interfering in managerial matters. This was a point raised by Ray Wilkins to Abrahmovich at a board meeting, the result was that he was sacked immediately. The sacking of Ray Wilkins set us on a run of bad results and limited success that has claimed the jobs of Ancelotti and now Villas-Boas.

Since Mourinho was sacked due to his personal differences with the owner, no man has held down the job at Chelsea. But Abrahmovich continues to be motivated by the need for European glory and has sacked every man who has fail to bring him that success.

Chelsea FC have become a toy for the owner who has tried to establish his own ideals at the club. But all this has resulted in is 8 managers in 8 years.

The League Managers Association has constantly criticized the clubs sacking of managers. However, Chelsea makes no effort to change. Abrahmovich needs to instill a manager and let the guy get on with doing his job without any of his intervention. Until he does this, Chelsea Football Club will continue to be ridiculed by the Footballing world.

Chelsea fans, before any of you abuse me for all this ask yourself; Are you really proud of how this great club treats it’s managers?



  1. Sir Cecil

    March 6, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    A vile article in which a supposed Chelsea supporter regurgitates the attacks formulated by the press. One might as well read The Mail or The Sun rather han this piece, because there is nothing here that the mentioned newspapers have not said already. The writer of this had a choice: To trust in the man who has given Chelsea so much, or to lambast him like the haters of the press who have never once interviewed the man but profess to know his thoughts. Wo needs “supporters” like the so-called “Chelsea Fanatic”?

  2. Rob

    March 6, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    Interesting that you know why Ray was sacked, however I dispute that this set us on a run of bad results as we were already in that run before he was sacked.
    In the case of AVB, the fans played there part by obviously siding with Lampard and I think the fact that AVB would never get some senior players back on board basically left RA with no choice.
    I agree that we are a joke but it is the senior players as much as RA that are responsible.

  3. Majid

    March 6, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Roman, whom u think have made us the joke of english football, is tne one who had put us on the map. The man invested a hundreds of millions since he bought the club, set a standard for acheivment, transformed us from a mi- table club to a european giant. I guess he has the right to hire and fire as he wishes and we should at least show some appreciation.

  4. Bryan Francis

    March 6, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    Lol@Majid,you make me laugh when you call chelsea a “european giant”. An english giant is more appropriate.I feel sorry for AVB,he was the only manager bold enough to try to change chelsea’s philosophy and gameplay into a more exciting style.And at first a new thing has to go through some trying times before it becomes better.he was trying to ease youths into the aged chelsea game.You’all can admit that the chelsea of now actually play exciting football even though results dont go their way.Ancelotti,Hiddink,Grant,Scholari all didnt do anything special.They simply followed a prototype left by Mourinho.And trust me,even Mourinho right now wont win chelsea the league twice in a row.The EPL has gotten alot more competitive than when he was first here.Now we have Spurs,Stoke,Everton,Newcastle,Sunderland,Manchester City in it now.It was just Liverpool,Arsenal and Manchester United when he was here

  5. Ad

    March 6, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    You call yourself a fanatic..Just goes to show how much you know about Chelsea. It was Roman who put Chelsea on the world map, but now there are players who are more interested in tarnishing the image of the club for their own personal benefits and people still call them legends(useless legend). The shooting incident, the teammate’s girlfriend incident, Lampard seemingly works behind closed doors, not to forget the incident on trial in court by our captain. Certainly would be good if we could kick out a few players like these.

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