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Is This Car The New ‘Must Have’ Toy For Footballers?

Here we look at some of the cars footballers drive and introduce the new BMW concept car that will no doubt become the next ‘must have’ toy amongst footballers

Footballers earn A LOT of money. Most Premier League players earn more in a week than the average person earns in a whole year.

So what do they spend their money on? Many players buy a house or two or go on expensive holidays, but without doubt footballers love their flash cars more than anything else. Here we look at some of the vehicles mega-rich footballers have owned or still own (it’s so hard to keep up with them!) and show you the new BMW i8 concept car that will no doubt become the next ‘must have’ toy amongst footballers.

Footballers cars

Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney is one of many footballers who own the popular Range Rover 4×4, which is worth in the region of £100,000. Rooney and his wife Coleen also own a Bentley GT Continental amongst other cars. Other players known to own a Range Rover include Martin Skrtel, Michael Essien and Darren Fletcher.

Wayne Rooney Range Rover

Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard and Chelsea striker Dider Drogba both own a Ferrari F40 worth over £130,000. Tottenham’s Jermain Defoe and Arsenal winger Theo Walcott are two high-profile players who paid over £100,000 for an Aston Martin DB9. While Chelsea captain John Terry boasts a Bentley Continental GT amongst his fleet of cars.


Arsenal’s crocked midfielder Jack Wilshere is believed to have splashed out on a new Range Rover Sport to make himself feel better after picking up an ankle injury that ruled him out for most of the season. Wilshere also called in legendary car pimper Yianni Charalambous to kit his new car out. The 21-year-old has also been spotted in an £80,000 Mercedes sports car.

And Man City’s controversial striker Mario Balotelli is often seen roaming the streets of Manchester handing out £50 pound notes in his Maserati GT, which is worth over £100,000.

After looking at a selection of examples, i think it’s safe to say footballers enjoy forking out some of their vast pay packets on a top of the range motor.

BMW i8 Concept Sports Car

So what’s the next ‘must have’ car i hear you ask? Well in a world where people are becoming more-and-more environmentally conscious, we can see many footballers soon driving about in BMW’s i8 Concept sports car.

BMW have engineered the most progressive car ever made, which uses an innovative plug-in hybrid concept that combines a powerful three-cylinder combustion engine with an electric drive system. This results in a car that delivers the performance of a sports car with the fuel efficiency of a small car. BMW describe it as the ultimate combination of form and function, so they have fittingly teamed up with British gymnast and Olympic hopeful Louis Smith to promote the car.

When you hear words like ‘hybrid’ or ‘electric’ you would be forgiven for thinking the BMW i8 may look like a Toyota Prius! But take a look at the video above and you will soon see that BMW have definitely produced a car that wouldn’t look out of place in a footballers driveway.

This post was kindly sponsored by BMW, and the Daily Mail was used as a source.

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