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Steady the ship? Hodgson needs to stop it sinking & deliver it to shore!


Written by Marvin Williams.

So Roy’s been the man appointed to ‘steady the ship’ at Anfield, but he has to revive it from its sinking position first. The owners are struggling to keep their heads above water, their top sailors may jump overboard and a cargo full of expectation doesn’t make for a good formula. The Anfield faithful seem to be floating in-between two extremes and the jury is still out on the appointment of the new manager. What has arisen however is the collective idea that Hodgson simply has to get the ship floating again with anything else will be a bonus, unfortunately the situation is a bit more complicated than that.

The new gaffer goes into the job already combating several obstacles. The American Navy have control, the Russian boat owner wants to invade and the Spanish Armanda came, made a mess and sailed off to Italy. Worked out all the characters yet? Well let’s start from the beginning.

The ship lost its balance due to the books upstairs, Double-decker ship you ask? Of course not, they’d struggle to afford lifejackets! Instead I’m referring to those of the owners in the finance department and their inability to balance the books. The problems of the American duo are well documented and you feel that until they depart it’s merely a case of papering over the cracks. The decision to hire Hodgson however was an astute business move on their behalf, as unlike Benitez and his constant battles with them, the new man can be trusted to maintain a dignified silence regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes. But is that what Liverpool need right now? Don’t they need someone to maintain the same pressure in order to reiterate the clubs desire for new owners?  If Roy manages to stabilise things again all will be forgotten until it all goes wrong again, as is the pattern with football fans (Newcastle-Mike Ashley and United-Glazers).

The renovation has been left to Roy after Rafa’s contribution to Liverpool’s demise, which I’m sure we need no reminder of.

Abramovich has passed by and personally answered Benayoun’s SOS call, and another trip could have devastating effects. I definitely know how it feels to constantly have your best players linked with moves away from your club, but the player’s choice to remain silent someone fuels that. Any sign of vulnerability and the waters will be tested so everyone must remain on board. Gerrard yesterday would have been a welcome relief and if Torres isn’t in too much pain to speak or Mascherano can get back from his holiday on that remote island they’ll have the decency to do the same.

At the majority of other clubs I could accept the ‘steady the ship argument’ but Liverpool presents a different proposition. They’re arguably Britain’s biggest club hence the reason why expectation remains high, so regardless of all the issues Hodgson will need to meet or exceed that expectation. They may be going through a period of transition but can’t afford to take one thing at a time, football doesn’t work like that. With the clubs financial impediment a seasons out of the Champions League is immensely costly. I heard going into administration being talked about as a real possibility a few months ago, so I’m sure that the six million that has already gone out of club in compensation packages (to sort out the managerial position) hasn’t helped. If City or Spurs manage to cement themselves in the Champions League at Liverpool’s expense then the future doesn’t look bright.

I genuinely do hope that things go swimmingly for Hodgson and LFC and if the balance is got right I’m sure it will do, but if it doesn’t a great institution could drown.

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