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Lies Lies Lies


Written by Basil James.

The fact that Eduardo da Silva has inked a three year contract with Shakhtar Donetsk is now a commonly known fact that even Sarah Palin probably knows the intricate details of the deal. Eduardo, who has scored 22 goals in 65 appearances for the Gunners was sold to the Ukrainian club for a little over £6 million. Good business for a striker who has been a pale shadow of himself after a horrific injury, one might say. Except for Arsene Wenger’s words a few days ago. “Eduardo is an Arsenal player and I am expecting a lot from him this season” was the exact sentence he uttered.

Wenger told a white faced lie to the club and its fans? Surely, it appears so. There is no way Wenger did not know of the deal when he made that statement. In fact, he went on to say:

“He had a terrible injury – he went through hell – but I think his work rate is fantastic and his determination, which is exceptional, will be of great use to Arsenal”.

He made this statements on July 13 or thereabouts, categorically stating that the Croatian forward would be a feature at the Emirates for the coming season. What is an average Gooner to infer from this? Only one thing- the dear manager has blatantly lied to us.

Eduardo’s utility to the club was decreasing by the day, ever since that grotesque angle injury he suffered. In that context, it makes perfect sense to let him go, to offer him a fresh start. But, if that had been the intention, why not say so from the start? Wenger has effectively cheated Arsenal supporters across the globe with his statements. Eduardo was reportedly involved in negotiations for a week, meaning Wenger probably knew of the proceedings when he made his statement and also had plenty of time to correct it.

In this light it is interesting to check other statements Wenger has made throughout this transfer window. As Barca continue their obscene efforts to lure Fabregas away, Wenger and the club has stated frequently that the captain in staying at the Grove. This puts a disquieting thought in the minds of Gooners. So, is Cesc staying? Or will he leave too, like Eduardo? Wenger has said many times that Fabregas would be donning the Arsenal colours this season, but then he said the same about Eduardo and look where we are now. Wenger has even said that Cesc will retain the captain’s armband. Is it just hogwash or is Wenger telling the truth?

Sandro Rosell apparently flew to London to push the Fabregas agenda for Barca, which comes on the back of NINE players from the Catalonian club saying Fabregas is coming to Barca. Platini, are you sleeping? It will be some time before we see the end of this, though it is inevitable that Cesc Fabregas would return to Barcelona. The more immediate concern is whether he will be at Arsenal for the coming season.

Arsene Wenger made a huge mistake by lying to Arsenal fans about the Eduardo situation and has lost the trust we Gooners had in the manager. Let us hope he can regain some confidence from the fans with some scintillating moves in the window and the season.

By Basil James – Contributor to

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  1. goonergerry

    July 21, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    I dont know anyone else who has read quite as much into AWs comments as you have.
    I do think however, that this year under the guise of being more open the converse is true-Arsenal are operating in a semi secretive way in the transfer market. They are keeping key facts out of the media-about the Cesc transfer, about their targets and about which players will be released. Whilst these are not lies they are misleading.

  2. Bobobobob

    July 21, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    regardless of what is said or not said by wenger, there is one major point that seems to evade all doubters, and that trusting wenger as an arsenal manager doesn’t religiously depend on a few comments thrown around the press, it’s about a common ground that us the fans and wenger the manager all share religiously, and that is doing what’s BEST FOR THE CLUB. FACT. anything wenger does re arsenal he does through his belief to be what’s best FOR AFC, now with his experience (rivaled by nobody who reads these blogs) in working for arsenal over last 15 years and building a massive club with revenue n stadium to match,I’m sure he knows how to get what is BEST FOR AFC, so why do so many “fans” not only on this blog, call for the head of a man who has dedicated his career ( despite more lucrative offers elsewhere ie Madrid) 15years of his life (and counting) to develop this club into a major force and soon to be richest club in the world, therefore doin what’s best for AFC. cos let’s face, everyone wants the fame glory and banter for the pub but deep down everyone wants a club to support and be able to compete on all fronts but with footballs current financial state and a screwed economy not many clubs are able to sustain those objectives, however,wenger has managed to give us all of that and secured it for years to come. because HE like everyone of us FANS want what’s best for arsenal. FACT

    • Fab4

      July 21, 2010 at 1:46 pm

      Very well said Bobobobob. Most sensible thing anyone has said on here.

      Looking back at the article, it is a little pointless and i don’t agree with a lot of what the writer says, but i do think Wenger should hold back on SOME things he says to the media.

  3. Bobobobob

    July 21, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    Thanks fab4 had to get that off my chest!!

  4. Bobobobob

    July 21, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Yeah I agree, I do believe that he could hold back some comments especially if it’s regarding transfer dealings, because it’s right what I think the writer is trying to get at. And that is that it’s not all about grinding out the extra pound note from every deal, there are fans to consider, who like most, love players like Eduardo and want to see them get back to their best in an afc shirt, so don’t want to hear he’s staying then suddenly signed elsewhere, all for an extra £, cos at the end of the day without the fans a very large % of afc income would be non existent…..

    • Fab4

      July 21, 2010 at 2:09 pm

      Exactly Bobobob, i think that’s what the writer was trying to say…but came across for to agressive in his bashing of Wenger.

      Also, his claim that Le Boss is a liar was a tad over the top! But yeah i do think Wenger should consider the fans more when he talks to the media sometimes. Even if he had said:

      “I admire Eduardo and would love for him to stay at Arsenal, i see him as being an important player for us in the future. But i will sit down with him and see whats best for everyone”.

      At least everyone would know where we stood. Shakhtar and Eduardo know wenger wants him to stay, the fans know the boss wants him to stay but we’ll see how things go once they have had a talk.

  5. The Journeyman

    July 23, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    Well said Bobobobob.
    Arsene Wenger might have said one thing or the other. And I am sorry to have to see Eduardo go. But I might the best thing for him and the club.
    As you said, he (Arsene) knows how to get what is BEST FOR AFC.

  6. Steveo

    July 29, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    Say it ain’t so, Basil, say it ain’t so… Arsene told a porky during a transfer deal?? Surely not. There was I as a Gooner thinking our beloved leader was the only man in the world not to tell a few porkies here and there. Shattered all my illusions you have. I feel broken. ” Our dear manager has lied to us”…. indeed… what are we to infer? Obviously every single thing he says is now a lie and the opposite is true. Fab is undoubtedly off. Manuel is staying. Tottingham are a good club. My whole world has been turned on it’s head.

    Keep up the good work, Baz. We need people like you with guile and intuition to help us make sense of this crazy mixed up old world.

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