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Another Hero Loses Faith In Wenger’s Regime, Can He Bring The Glory Days Back?

After yet another star name has left Arsenal, questions must be asked why they continually leave Arsene Wenger and whether he can bring trophies back to Arsenal

Van Persie Arsene Wenger

Guest post by: Damien Kelly.

It’s a big loss for Arsenal and you’ve got to feel for these fans, year after year it seems, another massive player moves on to bigger and better things.

Wenger’s regime is 16 years old now and the 3 Premier league titles and 4 FA cups are becoming distant memories. It seems a difficult decision for the board to decide to sack a man who not only guided the team to these 7 successes but also a man who revolutionised the football club based on his philosophy; an effective youth system, excellent scouts and a neat passing style of play.

The issue is Van Persie has now followed Overmars, Petit, Vieira, Cole, Adebayor, Henry, Nasri and Fabregas out the door. None of these were bit-part players, these were key players. The question has to be asked: most of these guys became the forces they are under Wenger’s guidance, yet why have each of them given up on the club and their mentor?

Arsenal’s last trophy came in 2005 and after 8 years of continuos success, Wenger and his Arsenal took a back seat to Chelsea and United. The invincibles of 2003/2004 slowly broke up over the coming years and time was given to Wenger to rebuild. After all, even Sir Alex has had rebuilding years at United.

However, the barren years have continued for too long and the Arsenal faithful are getting more and more frustrated. The main reason Wenger has kept his job is that Arsenal have qualified for the Champions league year after year after year. This entails that they attract sponsors, they receive considerably more income yearly and they of course they can attract top players.

The fact that, unlike 5 years ago, there are now a group of 6 or 7 strong teams competing for those 4 champions league spots. Therefore qualification is still considered a success. As far as the league title is considered however, Arsenal have not been in touching distance of the title in many years. The past 7 years cannot be considered a ‘demise’ in any shape of form, but the board have to seriously consider whether Wenger can bring back glory to Arsenal Football Club.

Each of the big players that left no doubt were tempted by a higher wage package, something Arsenal do not offer, and they should be credited for not doing so but it also means they will fall behind. However, it seems money is not the only thing they are looking for, each of these players grew tired of Arsenal’s stagnation. They see other clubs shooting for the stars and yearn to be a part of it.

Arsene Wenger continues to meet expectations at Arsenal; top 4 finishes and decent champions league runs. But Wenger has not exceeded expectations in a long time and the Arsenal board must wonder if he ever will again.

Do you think Arsene Wenger will bring the glory days back to Arsenal? Get involved in the comments section.

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