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7 Things Arsenal Fans Learned From The International Break

The Premier League returns after a two week international break and our Arsenal fan ‘Lloyd The Gooner’ looks at 7 things we’ve learned during the ‘Interlull’.

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The Premier League returns after a two week international break and our resident Arsenal fan ‘Lloyd The Gooner‘ looks at 7 things we’ve learned during the ‘Interlull’.

1. Abou Diaby for all his talent he is one bad turn, one dodgy twist, one nasty Dan Smith of an opponent away from breaking our hearts.

2. Theo Walcott is fast. Er…ok there is more. He picks up every minor knock or bug going! And he is a decent impact sub but will he ever be any more than that for the Gunners?

3. Giroud. All the evidence points to Chamakh Mark II. Worse! He hasn’t even had a promising start. Booed off by his own fans. Is there a single ground for optimism? No! But you know what? I’m keeping the faith, it has to get better. He makes good runs and one of these days one will go in off his a*se! Then he won’t stop scoring.

4. Aaron Ramsey. He really is at the crossroads. He was very poor against Serbia. He looked tired but he can’t be can he? He hardly plays. Maybe that’s why he’s tired. A Norwich or Swansea shirt looms Aaron!

5. Conor Henderson may be one to watch.

6. And dear old Alex, the Ox, the fans favourite. You tell me, hype or substance? Against Ukraine he was awful, I mean really bad, Walcott bad, yes that bad. He didn’t know whether to run with it, pass, shoot or sit down on the centre spot and weep. At one point he fell over on his belly and I thought just burrow down into the pitch a bit, disappear and nobody will notice.

Now the upside. I thought in the first half against Moldova he was the best player on the pitch. The Ox really bullocked around the field! Ok the opposition were rubbish but nobody else shone quite like he did. As usual the Manure youngster got most of the praise but were the boys press acting Cleverly? Do they just want Barcelona to ignore our budding star?

7. Finally,Van Persie. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fella! Is it serious?

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  1. Zaidovski

    September 14, 2012 at 11:41 am


    And the most shocking part of that statement is there are a few blind so called arsenal fans who still believe he is worth an arsenal shirt!

    Leg injury and welsh makes him immune to getting kicked out or loaned.
    Yet any other player giving less than him is thrown to the wolves !!

    Arsene! Stop this English biased approach and kick those teats out !!
    Or better still take them and leave !!

  2. AK

    September 14, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Zaidovski, leave it out. Wenger out? You must be one of these fools who plays football manager and thinks they can do better than Arsene Wenger. There’s a reason barca, real madrid etc look to arsene to manage their clubs and not you!

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