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[Player Ratings] Wigan 0-1 Arsenal: Gunners Fight For Win At Wigan

Arsenal beat Wigan 1-0 at the DW Stadium on Saturday lunch-time thanks to a second-half penalty from Spanish midfielder Mikel Arteta. Here are player ratings.

Mikel Arteta Arsenal

Er… broken record time sorry. The first half at Wigan demonstrated most of the teams‘shortcomings. A lack of power and pace all over the pitch in particular. In the second half they started well enough and defended resolutely after the goal. The conditions were difficult and not suited to our game. How many times have we heard ‘they won’t fancy a wet winters day at Wigan.’ Well it was wet, winter and Wigan and the attitude was faultless. That said it wasn’t City, United or Chelsea so perspective everybody!

Szczesny 7. Solid enough under pressure. Handling was good in the conditions. Very young for a top level keeper let’s hope he keeps developing and we get the benefit for many years to come.

Sagna 7. Solid as usual. His experience helps the team so much. And in a team lacking the ability to intimidate the opposition he has a certain aggression in his game. He will be a big loss if he goes.

Mertesacker 6. Did well late on but suffered in the conditions more than most with some dodgy clearances. Then again there was a lot of traffic coming in his direction throughout and he coped well enough.

Vermaelen 6. Slightly better than of late but still not yet the inspirational leader from the back that we need.

Gibbs 7. Solid and purposeful performance. He is developing toughness in his game which the team needs. It wasn’t the game to show his attacking flair but we know he has that.

Arteta 9. Intelligent, strong and resourceful. He kept the team going and was effectively the skipper by the example he set. Coolly capped it all off with the pen. Brilliant Mikel.

Wilshere 6. Tough battle today and he was up for that. The pitch didn’t help his game but he is finding his way back bit by bit.

Cazorla 6. Worked hard for the team. Was up for the battle. All good signs. Not a pitch or weather he would carry around in his back pocket but he is learning the nuts and bolts of the EPL.

Oxlade-Chamberlain 8. Always tried to get at opponents with his skill and often succeeded. The talent he has is really coming through now. And he has the power to back it up hence the conditions bothered him a lot less than some others.

Walcott 7. Often isolated but his attitude remained positive throughout. He has clearly found a position although I suspect he would prefer a big man alongside him. Did well to get in front of the full back for the pen, real nous. Not bad for a player who some said had no football brain.

Podolski 6. Quiet again and you can see he doesn’t like the ‘muck and nettles’ side of the game. Gibbs performances behind him must always be seen in that context. That said it was a team performance and he played his part.


Ramsey. A word for Rambo here. Often criticised, including by me, his attitude has been magnificent since he lost his regular place in the team. Many players sulk, he hasn’t. He has also managed to have a positive impact off the bench too. At Wigan he added some energy and also no little skill. His long term problem may be finding a position.

Coquelin. Showed great energy and power when he came on. Plugged several gaps that could easily have led to goals. Should we try 442 at some of these away games?

Koscielny. His pace may have been a better option today particularly as Wigan didn’t really carry an aerial threat.

What were your player ratings from the game? Get involved in the comments section below.



  1. the king

    December 22, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    arteta 9 ?….
    done well to score the penalty
    but far far to weak in the middle
    the wigan players just walked past him far to easy….jack was doing work for 2 men in the middle.

    and ramsey should get a 8.
    for all the boy has been taking from us fans yet he still dose what the manager tells him went back on the wing but he done okay was solid.

  2. gardiancho

    December 23, 2012 at 12:12 am

    this was poor game, again we show that we dont know and dont have what we need to be a good team, to win something.

    Szczesny 6. he didnt have what to do, but he was poor with goal kicking and passing just poor.

    Sagna 6. defending good, in the attack poor need more good passes

    Mertesacker 8. he was good, one mistake but in the first place i think that vermaelen had to be closer to merstesacker because arsenal had just to close one player.
    Vermaelen 5. he need to show much much better games.

    Gibbs 6. good defending poor atacking.

    Arteta 6. i expect more.

    Wilshere 8. if he wasnt i think we would have lost just keep fighting and passing and running, word class player but he need to be aware not to get injured again.

    Cazorla 3 if i was couch i will replace him in 20m of the game.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain 6 good ideas but in the end not enough.

    Walcott 5 poor, need more running more thinking.
    Podolski 6. he try but not enough.

    Ramsey. 6

    Coquelin. 9 just perfect sub, like wilshere he just keep fighting bravo, just keep going to play like that.


  3. Bjohnson

    December 23, 2012 at 12:56 am

    Your Ratings were very generous. Walcott was poor – I have always said he cannot play as a striker as he has no brain, poor movement and poor touch. The goal he scored at Reading papered over the POOR Performence.

  4. mark

    December 23, 2012 at 1:01 am

    do we put a big man in the team for Walcott, or for the team?

    Arsenal are simply not the most physical team so playing two strikers would leave us too exposed in defense.

    Your right though, a big man would improve Walcott.

  5. Goonerboyo

    December 23, 2012 at 2:02 am

    A win on a wet winter day in Wigan is welcome if not wonderful at least not woeful. Well done lads , though it’s what you’re paid to do.
    Only saw TV highlights so can’t comment on ratings. Good to see people get off RAMSEY’s back.

  6. Ssewanyana

    December 23, 2012 at 7:50 am

    Well but Walcott just didn’t get the chances he deserved .

  7. sajo from tanzania

    December 23, 2012 at 9:30 am

    we need to buy one central midfielder and one experienced this january transifer window.

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