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Arsenal frustrated in search for new CB and GK

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Written by Fab4.

Arsenal’s search for a new GK and a new CB continues after having bids turned down for both Mark Schwarzer and Sebastien Squallaci yesterday.

Fulham seem to be playing hard-ball over Schwarzer which is understandable as they don’t want to lose one of their best players, but it baffles me how a transfer like this can drag on for so long. We are talking about £2-£4million here, it’s hardly going to break the bank for either club to meet in the middle.

The player has clearly stated he would like the opportunity to leave Fulham and join Arsenal to have a crack at Champions League football. Arsenal’s first bid was £2m which was rejected by the Cottagers, who are believed to have asked for at least £4m. Arsenal’s second offer was most likely around £2.5m – £2.75m. So lets just be sensible here and do a deal for around the £3.25m mark. I’m all for trying to get a good deal, but if it means getting Schwarzer in asap then pay the extra £500,000 and get the deal done for crying out loud!

Next is the interesting news that Sevilla have claimed Arsenal’s offer for defender Squillaci is ‘insufficient’ and that the player himself asked to be left out of their Champions League tie on Tuesday. Sevilla sporting director Ramon Rodriguez confirmed the news on Tuesday after the game:

“The player asked not to play because of the offer from such a big team but, for the moment, we believe the offer is insufficient and Squillaci is still a Sevilla player,” said Rodriguez

The La Liga outfit also posted on their website that:

“Sebastien Squillaci’s future is in the air.

“As was confirmed by sporting director Ramon Rodriguez at the airport in Porto, the club have received an offer from Arsenal.

“The player asked coaches not to play him in the match.”

I don’t know too much about Squillaci but if Arsene thinks he’s the man for the job then that’s good enough for me. Only time will tell if we can finally make a breakthrough in their search for a GK or CB but time is running out and with the way our midfielders are dropping, we may need to be adding a CM to the wish-list!



  1. Peyton

    August 20, 2010 at 9:26 am

    How about, Arsenal take the hint and either stump up what Fulham consider acceptable for one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League or go away and leave Schwarzer and Fulham alone to get on with the new season?

    Oh and stop using the media to unsettle players which is basically “tapping up” via an indirect method.

  2. Manish

    August 20, 2010 at 9:32 am

    What frustration we are talking about? I agree to this condition that Arsenal Fans and even other players are in this situation because we are not able to catch the right opportunities to sign many of the players which were available. TASCI is considered to be interest for long, Mertesacker was in dilemma to join, Mexes was fully interested, Pap diakhate was interested to join Arsenal and even Asamoha, etc. Still there is no approach made till this date for any of these players.
    We missed out on many good GK. Mr. Wenger promised to finish the shopping before 11th June so that players who get star in worldcup will not get costly. And finally we are crying in front of many teams to not matching their price expectation. Chamakh in for FREE, Koscielny in for 8.5 million. And where is the budget of 45 millions gone? We had big huge reason to buy a BIG Striker, a good GK and 2 big defenders + 1 cover. We hardly match over this expectation, Chamakh is arguably decent player but not as big as DROGBA, ROONEY, TORRES, TEVEZ, DEFOE. Also he will arguably match Darren Bent. When VAN-PERSIE is prone to injuries then why take chances ? Please keep a little big cover for Persie.
    Already losing out players SENDOROS, MERIDA, EDUARDO, CAMPBELL, GALLAS, SILVESTRE, Simpson, Coqueline, TRAORE (on th way to Benfica). There are 2 big stars in team but mostly found injured e.g. Fabregas, Van-Persie. Nasri injured again. When Affelay, Giovinco are available then why are we saving on money when we surely need cover for Fabregas. SONG & DIABY are good role so we think Denilson is cover for Fabregas but he is not as good as we need.

  3. John

    August 20, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Totally agree. Why doesnt he write the checque and get Akenfeev or Steklenburg. Both are vastly experienced internationals and young enough to serve us for the next 10-12 years

  4. Russ White

    August 20, 2010 at 10:09 am

    I admire Fulham for making a stand after all a contract is a contract and why should they “split the difference” if they haven’t got a suitable replacement.
    Arsen made a stand on Fabregas so why should we complain when Fulham do the same.

  5. gooner

    August 20, 2010 at 10:37 am

    you said we had a 45 million transfer budget, and we needed to buy a BIG striker a good GK 2 big defenders + 1 cover.
    Having that kind of transfer budget and those needs of players you can’t buy a player like drogba/rooney/torres and stil look to sign 4 other players. To get a player like Chamakh for free is a great signing.
    And for the record I absolutley agree with you that we need those players you said!
    i’d like to see these players sign – realistic of course

    Given – we need a new GK and even tough I’d like to see Akinfeev or Neuer, Given feels like a bit more realistic signing
    Melo – We need a good physical player like him to take some pressure of from Fabregas

  6. makenzi

    August 20, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Manish u have a problem. u want arsenal to buy any player an agent wakes up putting on the market. Remember some of these players do not fit in the arsenal type of play. Look at how Koscielny played against liverpool and look at how Vermalean slotted in last season. If you dont understand football dont comment

    Transfers are not as easy as you think. Even Barca failed to get Fabregas when he wanted to join them.

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