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The Professor’s Lesson…

Written by : armourysquare

When the final whistle was blown at Highbury on 15th May 2004, the feeling that all Arsenal fans got was something only Preston North End  fans had experienced in 1889. They were invincible, indeed unbreakable.

Who did we not have at that time ? One of the best strikers in the world, 2 classic magicians alongside him. Our keeper was indeed a crazy ****, but he was ‘good.’…a classy midfield and defence, and most of all that ‘Godly’ feeling which resided in the team….

6 years down the road, Arsenal FC is the same, except for a few things such as, you know, we don’t have Henry, Dennis is still at the club (but not where we want him), Pires, Gilberto, Lehmann, Ljunberg are absent in the attendance register of the club and last, we have a  complex instead of Highbury.

Today we have no FA Cup titles since our FA cup victory in 2005, no Premiership titles since the Premier League title in 2004…But what do we have instead ?

When the move to the Emirates Stadium was thought of and finalised, Arsene knew that the clubs finances would be curtailed for the upcoming seasons. He didn’t care much about the titles, for he knew they would come. A title can be grinded out,lets face it, Portsmouth won the FA Cup, but a club can never win in an unstable state, or in simpler words, a team like Liverpool ca-…I wont’ even bother writing it.

“Deeper the Foundation, Stronger the Fortress” that was the motto of the Arsenal.

So, we would not win in 06,07,08,09, but look at what the club has achieved. Every time we have qualified for the champions league. Our debt has reduced significantly. Now indeed this would take time, and it has. 4 years goddamn it, and we were so close in the 2007-2008 league season up to 26th February. So when you put on an Arsenal shirt next time, don’t just see it from the footballers point of view, see it from the clubs perspective too…Always remember “We play the beautiful game, the way it was meant to be played.”

When Viera said that the club needed to buy world class players “AW” replied that when the club signed him, he was not World-class. What can you infer out of that reply. Well, in my opinion he believes in his ideals, in his philosophy. Moreover, he believes in this team. And that quality is immense.

If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all.

A real fact is however is that we saw an invincible team, and our standards have been set up to that high level. FC Barcelona can never achieve more than they have done in the 2008-2009 league season, its bloody impossible. So, FCB fans will always want the club to achieve that level again, as after all we want our club to be the best. Anything below that level will not be as satisfying for them as before. But changes take place, and fans should consider these changes.

It easy to sign  Lionel Messi  on your PS3 or when you play Fifa or PES, just pay about 45 ml, and you got him. But in reality, clubs barring a “few” can’t spend like that in raw-cash. Overall even if one payed 100 ml euros , do you think Barcelona would sell Messi. I mean that Sheikh guy offered FCB a blank-cheque!..and they refused.

Now there were some matches in which the club deserved to get insulted by the fans and those were the matches against United in the champions league and Premier league. As in those matches, the team did not even try….I still remember reading in the internet some petition to sack Wenger or something !..(though that was a bit too much)

Its easy to get angry with the club when they don’t win or when they don’t do something which majority of the fans want. That shows how deeply one is attached to his club. This feeling even I understand, but..

I urge you Gooners out there, believe in the Arsenal. Yes, we may not have trophies and that is what we fans want, but the very fact that the club has developed and its foundation for the long-term has been set up, is actually remarkable.

The fact that we can tell to this to any other club fan, especially the former top 4 team supporters is quite commendable.Look at Manchester United, their debt-situation is so bad, that they actually had to include Ronaldo’s transfer money to show a profit in their financial statements. Old Trafford as well as their training ground have been put under mortgage. In other words, if they don’t pay up, we might see them on the road playing their premier league matches.! Want more encouragement, look at Liverpool. If they don’t manage to pay their loan within 6th October,2010, their club goes under the banks hands !..Arsenal has been set at a stable financial level, and this will prove to be fruitful in the near future.

Now sometimes, he gets it wrong, and nobody denies that. I mean, I am the first to get really pissed of at him and swear at him. But I have faith in him and I urge you to do the same.The guy knows what he is doing.

I assure you Gooners, the feeling we shall get when we win a title under him will be different – A bit better than that of  15th May,2004….A new era shall begin, because that ‘mental block’ will be over. Any doubtful fan will be convinced that a team with a calibre like this can go on to achieve greater things…

Keep the faith         &



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