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Hasn’t This Happened Before?

wayne rooney

Written by The United Religion.

There is a saying that “Leopards do not change their spots,” which is the only way one can address what has unfolded at Old Trafford today.

Sir Alex Ferguson has honestly admitted that he and the club have done everything to keep Wayne Rooney happy and at Manchester United, but through the words of his agent, Paul Stretford, “He’s adamant [that] he wants to leave.”

Sir Alex had a candid, tell-all interview with MUTV this morning and it clearly shows that he has taken the high road and Rooney is what he has always been – a thoughtless, spineless coward.

Despite what some portions of the misinformed United supporters are saying, Sir Alex is not to blame here, because he has always been sincere and forthcoming with everyone of his players.

On top of those genuine qualities, the United manager always offers protection from the media, or a helping hand when they are in a personal or professional crisis, which the temperamental Rooney has had quite a bit of.

In his interview, Ferguson gave a few examples of all of things that club does and tries to do for its players – not just Rooney, but for some reason, though, some of these half-witted, misguided players – maybe on the recommendation of their agents – turn around and do this, which is the ultimate disrespect to the club and its supporters.

This comes down to one thing: these self-loathing, modern-day players think that can come and go and do as they please, which causes unrest amongst and can divide the supporters.

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Many of these off-based, crazed-thinking fans will compare this situation to the one’s involving Jaap Stam, David Beckham, Roy Keane and Ruud van Nistelrooy, but that is quite laughable and unfounded. There is only player that has ever come this close to kicking the club in the teeth as Rooney has just done and that was Carlos Tevez.

Okay, Tevez left for Manchester City, but one thing people are quick to forget is that he was never a United player – just on a two-year loan deal from West Ham United – and Ferguson knew he was going to face stiff competition for his signature, which is why he bought in the more classy Dimitar Berbatov to be the long-term solution.

Another thing that United supporters fail to recognize with the whole Tevez-Ferguson rift was that Sir Alex could not make a permanent move for him until all of the legal battles between his parent club and Sheffield United were taken care of as well as secure a deal with Kia Joorabchian after the legal dust settled.

However, what separates Tevez and Rooney is that Rooney has came out on numerous occasions stating that he was wanted to spend his entire career at United, which we know was just a ploy and a poor attempt to give him a pristine image now.

Another thing that separates Rooney and Tevez is that the poor, uneducated Argentinean never once kissed the United badge, which goes to show that you cannot trust the loyalties of a single player these days, because anything that comes out of their mouth is complete hogwash and disrespect. The lack of class of Rooney was always there for other supporters to see, but United kept their blinders on and stood by their talisman through thick and thin – even when his very own nation was on the verge of disowning him.

Whether it was the complete insolence that he showed David Moyes when he wanted to move to Old Trafford in the summer of 2004, or when he kissed the United crest on the ground of his boyhood club – each of these examples shows that Rooney has been nothing short of ungrateful and only about himself.

The United supporters stuck by him when he was sent off in the 2006 FIFA World Cup for ridiculously stomping on Ricardo Carvalho’s groin, but the England supporters got on the back of Cristiano Ronaldo for allegedly and encouraging the referee to brandish a red card.

Despite having a St. George’s flag tattooed on his arm, Rooney has already turned his back on England by saying, “Nice to see your home fans boo you, that’s loyal supporters” following one of his lackadaisical performance at this summer’s tournament. His diabolical form followed him into the 2010/11 club season with his only goal coming from the penalty spot against hapless West Ham.

To further prove that Ferguson has the best interest of the club at heart is that he could have buried Rooney as a person and a player at the same time, because the club was informed on August 14 – eight days before the announcement of him cheating on his pregnant wife, Coleen.

The announcement to Ferguson definitely came as a complete shock-wave, because it was also just two days prior to the start of Barclays Premier League, which would not get the manager enough time to offload his new problem child and find a suitable replacement.

Rooney definitely has the duty of explaining his side of the story, which he started to following his dire performance in England’s nil-nil draw with Montenegro by saying he did not know why he was not playing. That is – and was – a disgraceful, pathetic attempt at a making himself look innocent, because he knows damn well why he has not been chosen to play.

His lack of motivation to help the United cause was clearly evident against West Bromwich Albion as he jogged along the pitch of Old Trafford as though he was out playing with his son at a local park.

Pundits are saying that he is destined to leave for Real Madrid, but the Spanish giants do not have space for the lumpy forward. There is only one destination that suits Rooney at this moment in time, and that is a short journey across Manchester to the City of Manchester Stadium to join up with his old comrade, Carlos.

City are said to be launching a bid for the player, which would create an even bigger stir than it did with Tevez, and there will surely be more “Welcome To Manchester” billboards around the city if it happens.

In the last 24 years there has been one thing that has withstood the test of time and patience, and that is Sir Alex Ferguson, and each and every loyal Manchester United supporters needs to reaffirm their faith in the manager that he will lead us through this difficult, challenging dilemma with Wayne Rooney.

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