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Will Arsene really go for Benzema?…..

Written by Sean Oakes.

It is well known in the football world that Arsene Wenger would love to sign Karim Benzema. Wenger actually came out and stated that £30million was the correct price for the French centre forward when he moved from Lyon to Real Madrid. These are not words that you usually hear from the Gunners boss.

Karim Benzema was a player born to play in the Premier League, he is big, strong, quick, brave and is technically very gifted. He would also settle very quickly at Arsenal as his best friend in football happens to be Arsenals very own Samir Nasri. Arsenal has always been the right club for Benzema and i found it very stange when he signed for Los Blancos.

In my opinon Benzema could regain his Lyon form in North London under the tuteledge of Arsenals French boss but will he really go for him?

I think he will because Karim Benzema genuinely excites Wenger. Would it be £20million worth sending? Yes it would………..

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