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What Will Happen Now Van Persie Is Back?

The Arsenal missile

Written by sanchit.

Robin van Persie. The replacement of The Flying Dutchman, Denis Bergkamp. One of the most technically gifted strikers the Premier league has ever seen. He has excellent control, gets into those little troubling pockets of space and his striking technique is world class. The perfect striker package.

RvP’s impact has been significantly dampened by his constant injuries in the last two years, when he was out for atleast 6-8 months. This season too, he has already missed around 15 matches, but he has now returned after making a substitutes appearance this weekend. I have heard many Gooners say, it doesn’t matter if RvP gets fit anyway, we are doing okay without him, and it just seems he is working part time for the club. They say his absence doesn’t matter.

How wrong can that be?

Last season, whenever RvP was on the pitch pre- and post-injury, he was the driving force of the Gunners attack. Remember when he came on during the Tottenham match late in the season, when we were losing 2-0? He came in the 70th and created 3 excellent chances, which were kept out only by a very, very alert Gomes. van Persie is what Drogba is for Chelsea, he is un-put-downable. I have never seen an RvP dip of form, he has always been the most consistent Arsenal strikers. Yes, he was arrogant when he came, but now he is moulded into the perfect Arsenal player. Without him, this Arsenal side is incomplete.

With Fabregas, Arshavin (when he is in form) and van Persie on the pitch, the combined quality can overwhelm any opposition. Take this season. He created Walcott’s goal against Blackburn, before being taken off in the 35th minute. After a hectic World Cup and an again active niggling injury.

FACT: Robin van Persie is the one of the best Arsenal players ever, and nothing can change that. R.I.P. RvP will never come in the near future. All Arsenal fans need to know that.

Now, what happens now he is back?

In his absence, Marouane Chamakh has taken up the main striker’s mantle admirably. He has scored goals, created goals, forced errors, and his skill is unquestionable. He might not be van Persie, but then, he was never meant to be. He was brought in to take his place in case of injury, after Arshavin failed to capitalise on the opportunity and rise to the occasion last season.

But due to Chamakh’s most impressive performances, putting him on the bench would be wasting a very talented player. He has achieved more than what was expected, and his role can not be ignored. He also adds to the physicality of Arsenal’s attack, and with the physical element of van Persie’s game, they can make a formidable combination.

According to me, Chamakh should play behind/alongside Van Persie. Arshavin should be on the left wing playing left wing forward, and he must start performing to the talent and skill we know he has soon. Nasri can play as a right-attacking midfielder alongside Fabre, but slightly ahead. Fabregas as Central midfield, of course, with Song behind as Central defensive.

Now this leaves Walcott. For the time being, Walcott has to be on the bench, and come on later for Arshavin/Nasri. Walcott has been truly sensational, but again, he is not quite ready to play Central striker, and he even though Arshavin’s form has slumped in recent times, but it is still a long time to go before Walcott starts a game at the expense of Arshavin.

Kind of like a 4-1-2-3

Well, I am inexperienced at Football formations and stuff, so please don’t leave scathing comments. However, if you think there is something wrong about the formation I have put forward, please comment. Also, I am pondering on Wilshere.

Please comment on that too 🙂

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