Dreaming About Football This Summer

By on June 6, 2014

Dreaming of football

Samsung, in anticipation for the world’s greatest football tournament, has released a new short film celebrating the eternal bond between a boy and his best friend – ‘I See Your Dreams’ – with life seen through the eyes of that very friend; his football..

With cameras attached to the balls, we are taken on a world-wide journey, watching the way children interact with their most precious possession.

In taking us across the globe, to a host of different social scenarios, Samsung gently highlights the innocence of youth and how football is so wonderfully unifying, something fans worldwide are gearing up for in South America.

Performed by the South African based “Drakensburg Boys Choir”, Samsung’s very own song to accompany the piece is heartwarming and poignant, with the multi-racial choir singing about the how the beautiful game can make you soar with joy.

“It’s not about where football takes them, it’s about how football lets them dream“, reads the slogan, and the message that football can create whole worlds for those all over the planet, allowing children in any walk of life to dream, and dream well.

The world will be watching Brazil this summer, and while children will be the most eager of audiences, their relationship with their own football goes beyond the glitz and glamour. Football is a reason to dream for so many, regardless of if its on the beach, in the park, down a hill, or in the pool; the beautiful game is the most beautiful when seen to be adored by a child.

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