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Infographic: Proof Chelsea + Man City Bought Success But Wenger Has Worked Wonders

It’s a debate many of us will have had down the pub, but does spending vast sums of money guarantee success in the Premier League? This infographic takes a look

chelsea celebrating trophy

It’s a debate many of us will have had down the pub, but does spending vast sums of money guarantee success in the Premier League? You’d probably assume the answer is yes, but as this infographic shows, there are teams out there that waste millions in striving for success.

The graphic below, put together by TonyBet – a  leading provider of Sports Betting – looks at the correlation between a clubs transfer spend and their league position over the past five seasons, and it offers some interesting results.

Unsurprisingly, Man City head up the table with an average net spend of almost £100m per year while Chelsea come in second with just over £50m, and Man Utd are third on almost £28m. It’s probably no coincidence then that these three teams have the best average position in the Premier League table too.

However, somewhat surprisingly, Stoke City come in fourth with an average net spend of nearly £19m but that has only lead to an average league position of 12th, which makes the Potters the worst value for money in the division. Aston Villa have also spent heavily, averaging over £17m but again their average position is only 12.2. These are two examples of where managers and clubs have got it wrong, but there’s certainly one man who’s got it right….

Until recently, Arsene Wenger has been known for his frugal ways in the transfer market and this graphic proves the Frenchman has worked miracles at the Emirates, securing an average position of 3.6 over the past five years whist actually making a profit! It will be interesting to see what this graphic will look like in another five years now the Gunners are spending heavily again.



  1. Arsene Whinger

    August 23, 2014 at 9:54 am

    Delusional rubbish. All teams buy success which is why Arsenal and their pathetic joke of a moanager has been flashing the cash at anyone he can convince to join the also rans.

    • Jonathon Hart

      August 24, 2014 at 12:59 pm

      Arsene Wenger is the most sought after manager in the world. Spuds have had 17 managers in the time Arsene has been at Arsenal and have only won the micky mouse cup twice. Compare that to Arsene’s haul. It amazes me that people like you who obviously hate Arsenal are allowed to leave comments about things you know nothing about. Moron

  2. sr

    August 23, 2014 at 10:02 am

    Have any of these teams actually ever denied spending money? The first poster covers my other points.

  3. sr

    August 23, 2014 at 10:05 am

    PS, any chance of taking it back 20 years for a truer picture instead of a snapshot?

  4. Alan

    August 23, 2014 at 10:20 am

    What a load of rubbish! SKY have shown last monday that Man Utd are only beaten by PSG on net spend in the last 5 windows!!! City in the last 5 years bought 2010/11
    Boateng £9m, £24m Yaya, Silva £24m, Kolarov £16m, Balotelli £22m, Milner £16m plus Ireland, Dzeko £27m this was their biggest spending season by far totalling £138m. While they sold Bojinov £4m, Garrido £2.5, Robinho £16m, Clayton and Mak £2m total £24.5 a net of £113m.
    Clichy £7m, Savic £10m, Aguero £35m, Nasri £24m, Pantilimon £1m that’s £77m total
    they sold Caicedo £5m, Boateng £13m, Given £6m, Jo £7m, Wright Phillips £6m, Onuoha £4m plus £4m loan Adebayour making £45m so a net of £32m
    Rodwell £12m, Sinclair £6m, Maicon £3m, Nastasic £12m, Garcia £15.8m Total £48.8m

    Sold Adebayour £3m, Johnson £12m, De Jong £3.5m, Balotelli £20m and Weiss £2m total £40.5m. giving a net spend of £8.3m!!!
    Fernadinho £30m, Navas £14.8, Negredo £16m,Jovetic £22m, Demichellis £3m and Faour £0.5m. Total £86.3m
    Sold Tevez £15m, Maicon £3m, Razak £1.5m, Suarez £5m, Helan £0.5m total £25m. Nett spend £65.3m
    Fernado £12m, Caballero £4m, Zuculini £1.5m Mangala £32m total £49.5m
    Sold Barry £2m, Rodwell £10m, Garcia £14m total £26m making the nett £23.5m

    So that’s £113m + £32m +£8.3m +£65.3 +£23.5m divided by the 5years, = £48.46m

    City’s clear as day for ya as it’s here in black and white City’s av nett spen over the last 5 years has been £48.4m less than half what this site and it’s lazy writer getting his info from god knows where will tell ya! Same for Chelsea yet the biggest spenders Man U the seem to be clueless on! No wonder outside of the UK thier are certain views on clubs what a crook of sxxx!

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