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Infographic: The Anatomy & History Of English Football

Here we have an infographic which illustrates the anatomy and history of English football and looks at how the game have evolved over the years.

Football is one of the oldest leisure activities known to man and has grown to become the most popular sports in the world, and as we all know it was invented right here in Great Britain.

VoucherBin has produced this excellent infographic to illustrate the anatomy of English Football, looking at how it’s evolved from a bunch of blokes kicking a ball in a field with no rules or regulations, to the multi-billion pound industry it’s become today.

The infographic looks at the earliest known football clubs such as the Foot-Ball Club of Edinburgh and highlights how popular clubs like Arsenal and Manchester United have grown in to world-wide brands that turn-over hundreds of millions of pounds each year.

It also takes a look at the best-paid players in the Premier League such as Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Eden Hazard who all earn well over £14m each year and highlights the eye-watering figures involved in modern day transfers with Angel Di Maria’s £59.7m move to Manchester United the highest transfer fee paid by a British club to date.

The graphic also lists the five biggest stadiums in England with Wembley easily the largest with it’s 90,000 capacity, but the biggest club ground is Manchester United’s Old Trafford’s which holds over 15,000 more than Arsenal’s Emirates stadium.

It’s amazing to think how far football has come over the years, as this infographic illustrates:

You can check out the original source for this infographic here.

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