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Infographic: What Man City Could Have Bought For £49m Rather Than Raheem Sterling

Here is an infographic that looks as what else Manchester City could have bought with the £49m they spent on signing Raheem Sterling from Liverpool

Raheem Sterling recently completed a big-money move from Liverpool to Manchester City that cost the Citizens a reported £49m – setting a new British transfer record in the process.

The transfer caused much debate among football fans as to whether the 20-year-old attacker was worth the significant outlay or whether City had paid over the odds for a young Englishman with nothing more than raw potential.

With the debate still on-going, we thought this infographic would be of particular interest as the guys over at Free Super Tips have taken a look at what else the £49m could have bought.

Some interesting stats show that the fee could have purchased 14,411,764 pints at the Etihad Stadium or 1,113,636 copies of FIFA 16, while City could also have bought 57% of Gareth Bale or 700 replica delorean cars.

The former Premier League champions could have helped out neighbours Manchester United by paying off 7.2% of their debut or they could have done Europe a favour by paying off 0.155% of Greek’s national debt.

Check out more interesting ways City could have used the £49m below:

INFOGRAPHIC: Raheem Sterling for £49 million – Here’s what else you can buy! - An Infographic from Free Super Tips

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