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What Are the Most Iconic Moments in Football?

With the footballing world gripped by the latest happenings at Euro 2016 we thought we’d look back at some of the most iconic moments in football.


With the footballing world gripped by the latest happenings on the pitch in France, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to look back at some of the most iconic moments in football.

How can you possibly pick your ultimate iconic moment when there have been so many at both European and UK club level?

Well, before you start the debate between your friends, family and work colleagues, let’s look at just a few incredible achievements, cherished moments and unbelievable football skills that might make the cut for you.

1. Leicester City Win the League – 2016

A year or two ago, you would have thought that this subheading was a typo, but yes, little Leicester City managed to pull it out of the bag and win the English league. What an achievement!

Critics wrote them off, doubters had their say and even their own fans were nervously waiting for the final whistle to make their dreams come true.

Without a doubt, this iconic moment goes down as one of the greatest in sporting history, let alone one of the best in football.

2. Greece win the European trophy – 2004

Another shock moment in the world of football came in 2004 as Manager Otto Rehhagel led Greece all the way to the European final, where they beat favourites Portugal 1-0.

Not only that, they managed to push aside France and Spain on their way to the final, where they took the trophy and made headlines around the world the next morning.

Ranked outsiders at the start of the tournament as Leicester City were above, they did the “unimaginable” and went the whole way. Hats off to them.

3. THAT Paul Gascoigne Goal! – 1996

If you were born before the 90s, chances are this sublime goal needs no introduction. The setting: Wembley Stadium, England. The player: Mr Paul Gascoigne.

Playing against Scotland, the second goal in the game in the European tournament came from a piece of sheer skill. As the ball was fed through to Gascoigne, he flicked it over defender Colin Hendry and volleyed it past the keeper.

Hysteria ensued as English fans erupted into a frenzy – and then came the iconic and equally famous “dentist’s chair” celebration too.

Pick Your Iconic Football Moment

Having trouble choosing your favourite moment or don’t agree with our selection? No problem, we expect a certain amount of debate – it wouldn’t be football otherwise, would it?

Take a look back at some of the most iconic moments in football since you were born created by Papa John’s and see which ones you remember or consider to be up there with the true greats.

Oh yeah, and enjoy the football, of course!

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