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The Euro’s Are On Ladies, That Can Only Mean One Thing…

The Euros have well and truly landed and Roy Hodgson has given the green light for WAGS to accompany their footie partners to France.

Women less likely to score in the bedroom as their fellas only have one thing on their mind – the Euros

The Euros have well and truly landed and Roy Hodgson has given the green light for WAGS to accompany their footie partners to France. Sex and football have never been so close…

Whilst there is debate as to how much action Roy’s boys get in the bedroom actually hindering or enhancing their performance on the pitch, a recent study has showed that how good or bad they do in the games will certainly wreak havoc with their fans’ sexual performances! Oh dear, better get scoring boys.

LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor have conducted a survey of 2,000 football fans asking them whether their team’s performance on the pitch will enhance or hinder their performance in the boudoir. 88 per cent said that if their team performs well, they will also score (in the bedroom). In that case, come on England! There is still hope, ladies, there is still hope.

In order to help guys out in this department during match season, LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor has launched a Euro Sex Formulator so men can see how the games might impact their sex life! They will also be able to compare their sexual performance with other footie fans out there, just in case they fancy a bit of competition.

As for their own relationships, 1 in 4 footie fans admit that they spend more time watching the football than spending time with their partners (naughty boys) whilst 40 per cent have admitted to having to multi task wife/girlfriend along with watching the game. Ladies, get ready to round up the girls this summer.

It get’s worse ladies. Over a third of the guys surveyed are willing to abstain from sex and alcohol all together just to see England lift the trophy (ouch) and 88 per cent admit that their libido will go down if England lose.

Drinking, football and sex also go hand in hand in hand it seems as Brewers Drop – the inability to get an erection due to excessive alcohol intake – could be an issue with 60 per cent of guys during the games as they will most certainly be going over the recommended daily intake of booze. Ladies, it seems you will have a long and frustrating summer ahead with a third of men already admitting to experiencing erectile dysfunction and having concerns about it regularly.

How will the Euros affect the male libido infographic

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1 Comment

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