Infographic: The history of Daily Fantasy Sports

By on August 12, 2016

Fantasy Football has become an integral part of everyday life for a modern football fan but it hasn’t always been that way.

The guys at, a leading casino comparison site, have come up with this fascinating infographic mapping the growth of daily fantasy sports in to the $4 billion industry that it is today.

The graphic documents every major milestone spanning over a 70 year period from the GIs assembling dream baseball teams during World War II to online sites negotiating multi-million dollar deals in the 2000’s.

The likes of DraftKings and Scottish-based FanDuel have developed in to the leading giants of the daily fantasy sports industry and are set to take the UK by storm after finally being granted licenses to operate on these shores.

The editor said:

“What’s fascinating about the Daily Fantasy Sports industry at the moment is that it’s future is so uncertain. For all the talk about the business being worth billions in next to no time, the refusal of many American states to recognise it as a game of skill means that the sums of money that are always being bandied about remain tantalisingly out of reach for the moment”,

“Now it’s a rare occurrence for a day to go by without a major DFS story breaking,”

Take a look at the infographic below to see how daily fantasy sports has grown in to the phenomenon is it today:


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